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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Schadenfreude

Sunset Shimmer doesn't ask for much. She has great friends, a good life, good grades, and has even made peace with her mentor, Princess Celestia. Everything else, she works. for, and she's happy to do it. Including the forgiveness of her fellow students.

Deciding that the best way to make up for her mistakes with the student body, especially those of the last Fall Formal, is to take this year's Formal into her own hands, she applies for the position as Chairman of the Planning Committee. Unfortunately, it seems that some of the teachers haven't forgiven her, either. So they decide that, if she truly wishes to make up for her mistakes, she must do so by working with a member of the student council, it's Sergeant at Arms, as co-Chairman.

Which is me. Pleasure to meet you. I'm Schadenfreude.

And this is how the world ends.

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My first reaction:

This is gonna be good...

Yes, Celestia, I do wish to see this happen.


so the EG Schadenfreude(i had to scroll up so many times to type this) right?

Why do I have the feeling that this year Fallformal, is going to bring us even closer to the apocalypse than the previous one?

Well, the explosions will be glorious.

“And therein lies the problem, Twilight,” grumbled Shimmer. “Someone already has that job and he’s-”

“SUPER awful excited to be working with you, new best buddy!” said a grating, slightly effeminate male voice from over her shoulder.

...beautiful. :moustache:

Seriously though, Sunset should be happy that being chairman is such a thankless job. Nothing makes Schadenfreude more bearable less unbearable than a common enemy.

Sunset didn’t even turn all the way around. She just tilted her head till she could see enough of the guy to address him properly. “Hello, Schadenfreude.”

*reads the last chapter of the Adventures of Schadenfreude* Well, I suppose that's the end of Schadenfreude.

Daemon: AU CONTRAIRE MON CAPITAIN! HE'S BACK! *plays trumpet and brings in mariachi band*

skin in patches of brown and white

So Schaden has vitiligo?

He's an American Paint Horse. THere's one in the field next to my grandmother's house.


He's an American Paint Horse.

But would not that translate to something like vitiligo in EqG universe?

I cannot wait to see what happens next to the pony human avatar of a Crazy Frog ringtone


Let the games begin!

Wait. Is his name still Schadenfreude von Douchehorse in the EqG-verse?

They should make schadenfreude a character on the show or make a spin off of him I would sooooo watch the hell out it😁

Yeah-huh. Just WAIT till I get to that shit.

Eeeee, so glad to see you writing Schaden, can't wait to hear all the deliciously evil plans he's got for Frau Baconhair.

And going out on a limb here but is his method of bringing order to council meetings him annoying everyone until they stop bickering?

"Frau Baconhair" Oh god I'm using that.

Me: Hmm, let's see what's trending...that swan thing is still there...clopfic...clopfic...a new Shadenfre*favorite**upvote*
FIMFiction: "Um, do you maybe want to read the story first?"
Me: "No"*favorite**upvote*
FIMFiction: "Maybe just skim it before y"*FAVORITE**UPVOTE*
FIMFiction: "...You're supposed to like and favorite content that you actually bothe"*FAVORITE**UPVOTE*

I'm so excited to see how this goes down.
Now the battle between Sci-Twi, Bacon horse and Schad goes down. Pinkie sense definitely will go off with the off-kilter banner

Well, Daemon, I think it's safe to say that your Schaden is fairly popular. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to Web M.D. how to get rid of a rictus. :pinkiehappy:

Hang on. Is this human or pony Freude? Also, two Freude’s in the same room. Mirror portal. It could happen.

Best pony returns.

Oh man, I am SO happy to see this annoying asshole (and I mean that in the BEST possible way) back again! :yay:

Which is me. Pleasure to meet you. I'm Schadenfreude.
And this is how the world ends.

Nah, that's reserved for when he and his Pony counterpart meet! :trollestia:

Ohhh I can already tell from just this one chapter that this will be GOOD! >=)

Sweet Luna in Satin Tap Pants!

I just played thought DDRC I needed this.....

This is gonna suck, but seeing as Schadenfreude’s back, it’ll be good.

Dear God. The only possible way this could go worse was either the other Schadenfreude coming through the portal, or Discord appearing unexpectedly. Or both, but let's not think about that.

Another Schadenfreude story? Cue joyful, maniacal laughter.

And then pretend my sister's imagining things when she asks why.

Crank up the volume to ma and play the vid and you'll know a fraction of my joy at having another Schadenfreude story to read!!!

Skip to time 0:44 if it doesn't do so automatically!

Welp, this is gonna be fun. :pinkiehappy: Only downside this time is that I have to wait for the chapters. :raritycry:

Perhaps he is kin somewhere along the line but I don't think that a glitter bomb is an over the top retaliation for a smoke bomb in science class. On the other hand in my thirty + years of teaching the science department was known for using nukes to kill mice. When it came to pranks. No one messed with the Science Department!

... the thing is, this is wonderful. But I imagine Schadenfreude a little older in my stories...

Ah well. I'm already writing fanfiction.

Gods, I love shaden :rainbowlaugh:

Schaden grinned. “My dad’s a tax attorney. I’m his secretary.”

"Pffft Whatever, doing your taxes and stuff, probably."

Schadenfreude pulled up a chair, unbidden, to join the girls at their table. Everyone except Sunset and Twilight made a point to scoot away from him, even though there was almost no room to do so. “Oh come on,” he drawled. “I’m not that bad. Maybe. Possibly. Most of the time.”

He's a troll in the sense that he riles everyone up, but he has a code, and he's not the type to go out of his way to actively torture someone.

The challenge rolled off Schadenfreude’s back like water. “Oh, please. Do you really think I could stay the Sergeant-at-Arms for more than a week if I didn’t know how to reel it in and knuckle down on occasion?”\ Besides, I have a part-time job, I know a thing or two about responsibility.”

He's a jerk, but that doesn't mean he's not good at what he does. Also, there's a "\" after occasion you wanna remove.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already filtered through most of them. You’d be surprised how many of them were just straight up rude comments or threats! Apparently saving the world just doesn’t mean as much to some people anymore,” he sighed, raising his hands in exasperation. “Of course, a good portion of them were at me, as well, so there’s that.”

I'm having you voiced by Joseph from Ancient Magus Bride.

Applejack raised an eyebrow, then said, “Oh, right. I guess y’all haven’t been around long enough to know about ‘im. Schadenfreude’s kind of…”

“A total ass?” Rainbow offered.


they’re emote controls

What's an emote control?

Sunset shrugged wearily. “Oh, it’s not like he does that kind of thing all at once. He likes to pace it out. Matter of fact, he hasn’t really done that much this year. I meanbesidesbooby-trapping Trixie’s locker,”

There's a method to his madness, and he isn't the kind to actively harm someone, so, mostly he's put up with.

At which point the cafeteria doors burst open, and a rather fabulously sparkly Trixie Lulamoon stormed into the room. “SCHADENFREUDE!”

Hello, best pony.

Sunset mulled the wuestion over

I don't make edit comments like this, but that little typo just amuses me.

On another topic, oh Schadenfreude, never change.

If I remember correctly, the spelling errors in the previous story were left intentionally to annoy people, the author may be doing the same for this one. Keeping in the true spirit of schadenfreude.

Well if that's true then that is awesome

Didn't know that, and if true then I agree with you. :derpytongue2:

“And… ok, thanks for the warning, I guess? But you still haven’t told me specifically what you’re here for.”
“True,” Schaden agreed.
“And what?”
Shimmer felt the rage in her building. “WHAT. DO YOU WANT.”
“Well, I would say a pony, but given present company-”

:rainbowlaugh: Awesome work, keep it up. :raritywink:

It's bad. I am shipping him with Sunset for that one comment. *holds up the shame stick*

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