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My real name is Kyle. I am 20 years old. Born and raised in a small town called Terre Haute, Indiana. I grew up in a family of motorheads and street racers and I love muscle cars. Questions? Ask away!

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After a shortage of men and women on the battlefield, the President of the United States issues a draft to bring in more people to fight for the nation. When Applejack and Rainbow Dash are drafted, it hits everyone hard. What will happen to two of the beloved Humane 7?

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you could have added a little bit more story to the chapter. Just to let the lectors gets in the story, because now its happening too fast.

Not a bad premise, or first chapter. However, having it all be in present tense makes it read more like a game than a story. Perhaps putting future chapters in past tense would make it more story-like?

Aren't the Humane Seven minors? I don't think they'd be able to, you know, get drafted into a war like this. Maybe help out, but definitely not fight.

is this the start of fallout equestria girls in your mind? becuase this would be intresting

7860584 actually no. It's just a war story

7860268 I should have put this in the description but the Humane 7 are up to age.

7860187 Yeah it was kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. I might add to it in the future

oh well either way intresting

7860776 I'm glad you're enjoying it.:twilightsmile:

Great chapter, keep it up:)

Well I can tell you that it's a great start and hopefully a even better end, I'll be waiting for the next chapter.:pinkiesmile:

7868765 glad you're enjoying it so far:twilightsmile:

Awesome as usual! Keep it up!

7903584 glad you're enjoying it so far :twilightsmile:

This...this is both beautiful, and sad. I'll read it for YouTube when I clear many other things off my plate! And get permission from you, and get my hands on a new laptop.

8122851 you have my permission. I can't wait to see the video!:twilightsmile:

Awesome! I waited so long for this and it didn't disappoint ;)

8123544 glad you enjoyed it:twilightsmile:

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