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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories

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marauder6272 and blues64

The pic looks erotic but to me it's kind of scary. WHO knows what's going to happen to your pelvis and hip.

Now that's what i called death by snu snu

ok i think i can overlook this since its not really thorax but his female counterpart. i can get by that. i accepte gleaming shield so what the hell ^^

btw can you make an alternate story with Cadence and gleaming shield?

Maybe later, but I'm backed up on requests at the moment

It's cool
Just throwing it out there

I was hoping for a belly dance story with the EQG Main 7.

Why are good fics like this wasted on human characters?

Have to agree i hate these You stories, they are the worst ones and annoying i'd rather deal with a first person perspective or third person perspective story. I actually refuse to read stories or write stories if it involves writing 'You doing this or you doing that yada yada, its such an annoying concept at least with I, I can use diffrent versions and get into the person mind or third person, I can control the actions and get in their head making it sound natural Second bleh.

I just might read this

My thing is that there are to many human tics, thats it.

That also just nake them anthro if desperate why i normally write in anthro and not human

well excuse if I want to make YOU GUYS feel like you're IN the stories

Sorry just not a fan of the style


Look guys, if you don't like these kind of stories then don't read them for fucks sakes.

Hey i didn't read it i was read it i was reading thr decription didn't like it and was leaving i saw the review and just agreed with the guy

Then why do you bother reading these?

Don't listen to them
If they don't like it then they don't have to read it.

Mesosoma is Spanish for Thorax

You clever bastard

Genius writing! I love a good harem, but belly dancers? Man, it's crazy perfection!

(see's cover art) "Jesus Christ"!!:pinkiegasp:

Thorax is a girl??

(in Quagmires voice) "Oh God"! (runs to different room with a sexy female dragon) "Hey handsome". "Oh God"! (runs to different room with
A sexy gay stallion) "Howdy, bucko"! "OH God"!:pinkiegasp:

i really like the idea of a female thorax

This was an interesting story. i like the concept of the females you used. Though in my perspective, one thing did disappoint me in this little story. The Belly Dancing. The belly dancing you displayed was just small talk, and I was really expecting more from that. In my experience, I watched a ton of belly dancing. the curves, the hips swaying, the breasts and asses bouncing. you got a bit of it ok, but im saying the belly dancing could have been so much more.

Also, I liked the lemon you made for the group, but in my opinion, I was hoping at see more...ZING to it. Since the mares share him, I was hoping to see some of them do a little lesbian action, give him some sexual entertainment. since they share him, they have no problem feeling, kissing or fucking each other up.

While some bits of the story were a bit disappointing, I'll give you some props for the music and details added to the sex parts. If you like, I could give you some help with more on Belly Dancing, since I done lots of it in the past. I'll give you a thumbs up for this story for a good attempt.

enjoy to your hearts content

Is there a (or someone could make) futa version of this story?

I don't write futa stories. I get weirded out by girls who have dicks

Ok completely understandable

A year!? He didn't take advantage the instant it was available... What an effeminate male.

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