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Israel Yabuki

Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories

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are you going to use kairi's theme from kingdom hearts 2.5 remix in this story ?

At last! We finally reached the beautiful Princess Skystar!

And so you'll know I haven't been pressuring you.

Wasn't expecting this, but I'm still happy! Keep it up!

Who's the artist behind the cover art?

I been waiting for this story for so long, since I read and possibly review queen novo story

I can say how miserable he was, and unloved, happen to those who are abounded and neglected, but even fate lay before him when it comes to a second chance in life.

I wonder how he be able to open up and be at peace, knowing the beauty of the Atlantian Kingdom and of course our cute beloved Princess Skystar

Good work and brony on

Well done. Hats off to both you and Ninetails.

Comment posted by Jack the reader deleted Mar 30th, 2020

Great job on this new story

Comment posted by Jack the reader deleted Mar 30th, 2020

Will there be Human x Young Six?

in future stories, so try to be patient

Thank you for attention. Although I am Russian.(Rus-Eng)

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do you know roughly when the next chapter will be out Isreal Yabuki?

I would appreciate it if people would stop asking when the next chapter is coming, it's rude

10170395 My Apologies, I didn't realise many people ask that and sorry If that put some stress on you.:pinkiesad2:

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Comment posted by Israel Yabuki deleted Apr 10th, 2020
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it was there, the editin system just glitched

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In the future you can make Rule 63 Spike (Barb), Thorax, Gallus, Sandbar, Queen Sombra, Prince Rutherford, King Storm, Tirek, Discord (Eris), Big Macintosh, Sunburst,Garble?(Rus-Eng)

it doesn't work that way in my Anthro Waifu stories.

Are you gonna do anthro waifu stories for Luster Dawn, the adult CMCs, Cheerilee, Lighting Dust, Sassy Saddles, the Spa ponies, Coco Pommel, Night Glider, and adult Diamond Tiara?

I already answered these questions before. They'll get a turn eventually, just be patient.

When can we expect this to be finished?


What Israel said. Please be patient, or you'll stress him out.

Nice to see Bellator again.

awesome chapter you two keep it up cant wait for next chapterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzriC2w_l6A when they were dancing this song play in my head:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

As long is a great chapter next i wait for it

Good work, I be happy to wait for the next chapter, Brony on you two:yay:

And thus the proof that quality cannot be rushed.

My friend, well, you are updating your old stories

The quality of your chapters never ceases to amaze me. I wish you the best and I cant wait to read mor ein the future.

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