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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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This was really good, and the way it was implied i wouldnt mind seeing future stories with the 3 others princesses.

Amazing. I really enjoy the random clopfics and Anthro is always a plus.

But what really drove this home for me was the fact that you wrote this with Celestia in mind. I'm a princess kinda person and I'll admit this one was really, really good. I hope to see more. - Joss10

THANK YOU!!! ^_^
Princess are definitely a fav of mine, too

If you do plan on doing future stories with the princesses I'm looking forward to Twilight and Luna, Luna especially.

It was nice, and hey if there are sequels maybe there will be time for some romance, sex with genuinely love is always better

Congratz, you got featured.

Since you three seem to like the princesses, I wanted to tell you that the Luna sequel already has 1,000+ words so I may have it done by tonight or tomorrow ;)

Broken algorithm or not it was on the front page for a day and already has 95 likes and over 1k views so I is happy ^_^

Wow dude, that was amazing! And I'm glad to find a good anthro HiE clopfic since for a while!

Have you thought about making a multi-chapter clopfics? Because I would love to see what can you do to the other ponies like Twilight or one of the Mane-6.

Man you're such a tease aren't you? lol

I've had a hard time finding good, straight anthro clop and this was some very good clop. I too am a fan of the princesses and I'm looking forward to reading more.

nice work

Nice bedroom adventure :trollestia:

They had to be at least an N-cup.

Hope to whatever takes care of the Universe that they're not heavy, because they'd qualify as a quality-of-life medical condition, possibly threatening health at that point. o_O

I mean, we're talking tits bigger than a watermelon, each. You'd have difficulty breathing if you laid down on your back, with those. :/ And I'm not even kidding.

Someone's got a fetish...

a good 10-inches and was about as thick as soda can

... that must be awkward to put away... or walk with... or sit with... or in general... ;]

"That enough for now?" You ask.

What happened to Timid Anime Boy?
Yeah, yeah, I know. Celestia, 10 inches, soda can.

"Is it out of the question to sleep with you?" You ask her.

After that?! Goddamn betafag. ;-]

As she do, you can feel your member throbbing. Letting out soft gasps, you felt the princess slowly stroking your cock. Every time her hand reaches the tip, it feels like your rod is getting bigger. Now, using both hands, Celestia was humming to herself as she then began to make your cock thicker. As this happened, you felt your balls start to enlarge and hang a little more in the sack.


a life partner is out of the question.

[Sad Romance noises]

with you being a different species, it would make it impossible for me to get pregnant from you.

[Sad Impregnation Fetish noises]
Nah I'm just (half) joking, this is a great little story.

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