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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories

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Jokes aside i am looking forward to this, any plans on adding more characters into this one? although that would be a bit much to ask.

Pretty good start, although im not a fan of the whole Cuminflation and belly bulge thing, i think its just silly but whatever, im interested to see where this goes.

there'll be times in the story when the whole belly bulge won't happen

Glad to see this finally made. And very good start too. It was even better than I hoped. Can't wait to see who's next.

I was hoping it would include the word creampie and beg for one instead of the generic cum inside me.

Hell of a way to start.

Aaand I just had an idea for 2 more possible mares for this story

sounds good, but what should her name be other than "Button's Mom?"

I've seen times when she's called Milano or Nursery Rhyme. Either one works.

And now I wonder if you'd have someone else here, since she isn't a celebrity so she wouldn't fit for the third installment

Hmm, I think Nursery Rhyme sounds more motherly. Thank you.

Aaaand I just thought of a few more...

Go ahead and tell me and I'll see what I can do

Lightning Dust, Gilda, Gabby, Coco Pommel, the Flower Trio, and the Spa Twins

Coco Pommel will be in the 3rd story. As for the others, they'll be in this story

Neat. Though, you mind if I ask for a hint on who's next?

I'll give you a hint: she loves muffins

Oh, I bet a lot of people will be happy about that. But can I say something? It's mostly that I feel you should take out one of the character tags and replace it with 'Other' since they'll be a lot more characters.

Though let me just say that I'm definitely looking forward for some ponies more than others.

That was awesome and sweet read Ihope its a mother and daughter joining nextor sister's,and I hope that they can fix that whole can't gert the pregnant thing soon cause it's a little to a lot sad when they keep bringing it up.

the pregnant problem will be solved in the 3rd Heated Harem Funtime story

That is awesome /epic can't wait for it and everything else you doin this story.

Heated Harem Funtime 2 : ELECTRIC SCOOTALOO!!! \o/

*sigh* Great to finally see this updated again. You know the drill. Great job, and I enjoyed it. So is Twilight next, or someone else?

Awe! I loved that Derpy moment!

I also love the fact that you put cartoon things in your stories! Keep it up, dude!

Good to have you back and yo see more of the story.

This was a great chapter.

This was a awesome and sweet chapter him and Derpy are adorable together.

Ooo, looks like we might be getting Marble and Limestone next. I seriously can't wait

Well, things are looking to be interesting.

That was amazing dude! Please don't stop updating this because it sucks to wait two months for another chapter!

Thatwas a amazing read and I can't wait to read part (no rush).

Will we see Mrs HarshWhinny, and Miss Peachbottom?

Oh, I think I'm gonna enjoy writing about them when the time comes :raritywink:

Hope you do the both of them at the same time. Threesome with two very pump polar opposite ponies WHISTLES!!!

Equestria Girls: The Haunted and HHF2. It's taking me a lot longer because of my job searching.

I gonna start working with in construction after another 2 weeks

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