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To be eloquent, that was hot as fuck. And funny. And kinda sweet too.

“Yeah, how come you never fuck me that good?”

Lmao :rainbowlaugh:

Go work out some more to get on Anon's level Shiny

Anon... the Chad of all Chads.

Absolutely fantastic, great work

I want to see a sequel, I want to see how he keeps her under control.

you know how he keeps her under control.

Also, turns out shes super clingy and jealous and destroys Anons hopes for the photoop, telling him she will be the model, and no other mare is allowed to touch him, barely even look at him

I really hope there's a sequel to this I want to see anon fight shining armor next and maybe get three more Princesses in bed

You forgot the Second Person tag.

Whoops. It's always something. Thanks for the heads up

Fucking hot, fucking funny, and actually kinda sweet at the end when they cuddle.


Hot, funny, sweet: the holy trinity

Glad y'all enjoyed

Dude, this made the featured stories list! Congrats!

Couldn't have done it without such a fantastic concept for a fic.

Pleasure working with you, as always

“Yeah, how come you never fuck me that good?”

Princess of Love's main focus sure was different from others.

“What’s there to explain? Evil queen, wants to fuck, all you ponies are minute men,”

Shining: Why did you just say?! You free-loading human!
Cadance: Hush, Shining. You can have your testosterone talk on my bed later, okay?
Celestia & Luna: [thinking] Sorry Captain, but I/we have to agree with him here.

Is it bad that I want a few sequels to this?

Cause I really enjoyed this!!

Not bad at all. Glad you enjoyed.

Doesn't this need an anthro tag?

Gonna disagree on that, though it’s more of a personal taste. Cuckolding, even in fiction, can be anger-inducing.

Goddamn it, what is wrong with me?!

Thanks, I'll fix it right away

Y-yeah, cuckolding is infuriating. I mean, I definitely don't have a cuckold fetish and tentative plans for two or three entirely unrelated Shining/Cadance cuck fics, don't be absurd!


Trust me when I say those are actually weirder fetishes than that

Yeah, and I've probably written some

Yeah be careful. Some people don't like that. Lucky for you I'm open minded

I'm way past the point of caution, I'm afraid

BTW it doesn't have to be cuckholding if it's Cadance and Gleaming Shield (Shining Armor 63)
And I mean Gleaming Shield as herself from the getgo. Not Shining armor turned female

I'm really just fucking around, I've got no problem writing cuck or anything like that. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

It seems that Anon has a... dickish… sense of humor. :twilightsmile:

Oh well
Just an idea I thought I'd throw out there
And personally I beleive Shiny and Cady have an open relationship

Story and chapter name makes me think of Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky”

Like I said, it’s more of a personal preference thing, so yeah. Write what you will.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner

Yes ok. A sequel is required please.

Can there be a long story on this

I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. This story is already pretty long

i think they were going for a "can you make this like a slice of life longer shot of anon/umbra than the one chapter and epilogue" request, 'cause i'd like to see that too. Impressive to see that length on a clop one-shot (pun fully intended) but expanding the anon/umbra universe here'd be pretty nice

Princess Cadance is a woman you've met very sparingly, which you theorize is due to her husband. Not that you can blame Shining Armor, even now as he stands a bit between the bed and Cadance herself. If you had your way, Cadance would be in bed next to you right then, married woman or not. You can't help it, she's got all your kryptonites; busty, curvy, thick. Somewhere between her aunts in terms of height, she's got a rack to rival Celestia's and an add to eclipse the sun itself. Perhaps most alluring is the extra weight she had gained and fruitlessly tried to burn after giving birth to her daughter. This left Cadance wonderfully meaty, thick enough to make your mouth water. You vowed to yourself a long time ago to somehow get her alone and out of her dress. Definitely a tall drink of water, you’re normally pretty psyched to get an eyeful of the Love Princess.


Again, the princesses have a quick little silent council, mentally talking things over among themselves. Luna is making no effort to hide her disapproval, vigorously shaking her head hard enough that you were worried her horn might come off. After their little pow-wow was finished, Celestia turns back to you and gives you a tiny nod.

huh I'm surprised you didn't say that as they were having this conversation shining was having a seizure from pure anger.

I am hoping for a sequel there are so many more bad guys to give a good dicking, heck if you go into the comics luna goes to an interdimensional casino where a bird thing has day breaker chained up.
EDIT: you got in the featured box.

You can’t end like this about the adventures of anon And his quest to lay all the princesses

Funny and sexy. Great story.

Wouldn't say no to a sequel or spin off. Our dear Anon making his way through the monarchy and dealing with certain 'consequences' that appear 9 months later.

I totally agree, we need more of this, I would also love to see Anon lay with the Mare 6 and others like Trixie or Octavia

Funny, sexy, wild, and a joy to read. Who could ask for more?

This... is a masterpiece! You've done it, you madlad!

This anon knows what he wants and will not stop until he gets it and will make Shining amor watch it all and at the end sleep with his mom ,sister and wife in that order and send him a magical recording of it all.

Ooohoo booy. I'm not into NTR thing but that really catches my attention. Seriously, we, need, more of this.

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