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Kulpa #1 · Jun 5th, 2019 · · 17 ·


A great sequel for a great story

Mama rollin' that body, got every man in here wishin'...

You earn a gold star for that comment!

9664348 Happy to help :raritywink:

Kudos on the Kirin beer joke :rainbowlaugh:

nice work.

A worthy sequel to a good story. Hopefully there's a third one but if not, then I'd be happy with this one.

Any more hot pregnant sex to come?

If you close your eyes and hope really hard, you might get lucky! :yay:

Nice and hot. Just the way you do best, Leech.

I’m gonna toss a bit in the wishing well, close my eyes, and wish really hard for a follow-up on their wedding night.
Great work as always!

>wedding night
>heavy with foal

Maaaaaaaaaybe ;>u>

>Kirin beer joke

I’m literally drinking one right now, and I saw this pop up. Thanks a lot

Congratz, ya got featured. 6/5/2019

You're welcome! :trollestia:

We need more sexy Autumn Blaze porn around here and you are doing a fabulous job of making more. Thank you for your heroic deeds, Leech.

Ser the way you write Autumn and Anon is such a treat to read!

Hot and adorable!

“You want anything to drink? Maybe some kirin beer?”

Oh shit, the sequel's watersports, duck and cover!

I would read a whole slice of life series of these two raising a family.

Just saying.

I haven't heard that song in over ten years.

Soon as I saw the title it played start to finish in my head.

While she did have a horn, and was capable of using magic, it resembled a forked branch with a pair of crimson rings around its base.

Allow me to nitpick: they're chevrons.

Moreover, they serve as indicators of a kirin's sex. Females always have either a single chevron, or two that point in the same direction:



Whereas males will always have two chevrons that point in opposite directions:


Notice also that male kirin don't have pronounced eyelashes the way female kirin do; that's the only other indication of their sex:


Given that male kirin aren't otherwise any taller or bulkier than females are, that they have protruding muzzles like mares rather than a sloping brow like most stallions, and that their heads are round rather than square (though, to be fair, there are some stallions with rounded heads, and some mares with square ones), the takeaway here is that most ponies will probably find kirin males to be very effeminate in appearance, to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if most of them didn't realize that the kirin had any males to begin with (deeper voices notwithstanding). Which might lead to quite a few awkward moments if and when kirin keep integrating into pony society.

Yes please :pinkiehappy:
Loved this sequel, keep up the good work leech! Can hardly wait for the next story. Dumping a bag o bits in the well wishing for that story to pop up in my feed. :twilightsmile:

This was pretty darn cute, good job!

Neece #29 · Jun 6th, 2019 · · 5 ·

Cute and hot, a nice sequel indeed :twilightsmile:

But Anon really needs to punish Twilight for what she did, asked forgiveness notwithstanding. I imagine breeding her and bringing her into the herd would be a nice start :pinkiecrazy:

Huh, hadn't noticed that. It has quite the potential for sexy shenanigans. Not to mention divided opinions on equestrian stallions - on one hoof they're way more buff on average, on the other they have a distinct lack of junk in their trunks.

It's cute how they're pairing up. At this point I can't help but picture them heading back to the Kirin village to meet a small horde of doting aunts and grandmothers rather than a harem route.

Nice catch! That one sure as shit slipped by me!

Well, I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

That was cute and fun :)
Well done.

I'm really liking the way this is going. More please :twilightsmile:

That was brilliant. Definitely would like to see more of this.

Notes like this are why I love this fandom.

The dialogue in this is wonderful! It's witty, charming, and really sells that these two are fast friends who genuinely enjoy one another's company.

Very enjoyable

man i'm looking forward for more , can't get enough of this,your stories rock man

9670826 The dick makes it better

Could be.

Autumn Blaze is so goddamn cute!


Damn this shit is Hot

I need a sequel.

It's under consideration >u>

Possibly the best news i have ever recieved.

I loved the story

I just really like these characters. They are both just really likable.

The Monk
"I-I'm sorry, did you just say 'blowjob'?" Jesse had to think seriously hard about this.” -An Intricate Disguise

Cute story.

And I don't want to be rude or anything, but we're gonna need another chapter...

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