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a mild sickness for the thickness

For real though, I'm glad that this is making a comeback. You know, because it's healthier for the models when they're allowed to eat, and it falls under the "opulent overindulgence" theme of most high culture to grow fat.

I've always loved my girls a bit on the bigger side

Okay, very sexy. I actually felt pretty bad for Pinkie when she was having her panic attack. As someone who's had those a number of times... yeah. And that ending, perfect. :D


That is a gratuitous understatement :rainbowlaugh:

Fetish sense... tingling!

She was sat in a chair in the center of the room, entirely naked save for a healthy sheen of sweat that clung to her body. Her legs were spread slightly, allowing the certifiable river of cum to drip unfettered out of her cunt and down her thighs and to the floor.

I need a sequel to this, there needs to be something following the consequences of Maud cumming inside Pinkies pussy so many times.

If you look through my stories, you'll find that I'm not a fan of consequences

Dang, and here I was hoping for some sort of pregnancy scare followed by a realization that Maud can't really get Pinkie pregnant which leads Pinkie to start up another fuck fest. Not really a solid consequence but the possibility of one would be an interesting start to another sex session.

“Okay. I promise, Pinkie Promise!” said Pinkie. “Cross my heart and hope to fly, yadda yadda, in my eye, now please keep going.”

Rereading this again because it's such an enjoyable read and as I'm reading this part of the chapter I felt that the last bit would have worked a little better like, "now please. Keep. Going!!!" As it felt like a desperate need to be fucked moment.

This was a interesting first part.

While this was a fun ending.

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