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Question, is he exactly the same as Guldan from pictures on internet (old and........spiky) or somehow modified: younger, less threatening looks ect:rainbowhuh:?

I’ll explain what he looks like in the next chapter, as well as what his powers are.

good start,
so he a hybrid between guldan, and blackhammer, should be nice combo

One, Doomhammer* :rainbowlaugh: Two, not exactly, you’ll see.

More....definitely more..plz.

well I always was meant black hand lol
I think I going to try write something maybe displacement.....

Awesome is more appropriate.:pinkiecrazy:

Ah, blackhand’s awesome too.
Also this is less standard Displaced and more like Star Eater.

Yes. This is more in the vein of Star Eater than a normal Displaced.

I like it! Cant wait for more.

Well, this certainly raises the bar. This chapter was quite good. I eagerly await chapter 2.
P.S.: Even though I quit WoW in favor of ESO, Guldan remained one of my favorite villains ever.:twilightsmile:

my response to this chapter and the last one wrapped up in one video

i'm confused. If this isn't a Displaced, then what would you call it when human gets turned into a character?

It’s Displaced but not in the Displaced metaverse, much like My Life as an Eldritch Horror or Star Eater

8308842 That one is also awesome. Check out my WoW story if you want.

Not bad, not bad at all. Can't wait for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

8308862 There are several groups “turned into” style groups
https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212585/replaced this is a new one
https://www.fimfiction.net/group/134/game-crossovers this is a general one while there are many groups that specifically go with each game\genre\whatever

Yay! Another Warcraft fic (even if Displaced, I don't give a damn)!
It's good you don't add it to the endless multiverse-Displaced-shenanigans. I saw so many fics which were cancelled or stopped being updated, because people cage themselves in some crossovers or have a crossover firework and don't seem to find any ideas how to implement all the new changes into their own Equestria universe or can't go further, because one of the crossover parties has no time to write.

How and why is this Featured already?
Why does this keep happening with my multi-chapter stories?

iship pinkie and jarod

hmmm me think twilight hate him for being so close and friendly with Tia

oh i wonder what there foals will look like

I wouldn’t use the word hate. More like trigger :rainbowlaugh:
“She’s Princess Celes-tia!”
“....... Nope..... Hey Tia?”

I wonder is this pre or post discord break free

you know what i want to see some fan art of that

I thought I made it obvious that this is post break free

ahh ok, so after he broke free but before him being redeem

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