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"A bit of a bandaid solution". . .
You wrote this while fic just for that one pun. Didn't you?

Not exactly, but that line exists purely for the pun of the title

I went to E621 wondering, "I wonder if I'll be able to find that title image?" And it was literally the first thing on there. Well done mate. Is plus good fic.

just a reminder, this story is based on a piece by my friend irisarco. Check out his website for more great work like the cover

For those who want to see the full version of the cover pic, check out 3151919 on Derpi (and don't miss the alternates: 3151920 for the "aftermath" version, 3151921 for "Futaloo," and 3151922 for Futaloo aftermath).

Oh, sick, I didn't realize the derpi upload was live yet. I'll add the code to the description

I thought explecit imagery wasn't allowed?

What's explicit here?

Well, this was quite a nice bit of pleasantries for all of those FUTA-freaks out there. And making Scoots as some juvie-delinquent kind of young mare was more of a pleasant surprise to me. I can easily see this kind of "stick-it-in-your-face" thing by her. She has ab idol who did it before her anyway.

Good job, M8! Have a moustache, especially since Spike was in the fic! :moustache: :twilightsmile:

You can see a bit of her nipple under her t-shirt I'm afraid.

Pretty sure that's just a shadow from her shirt

if it was that would be fun, sadly its not you can see the color difference between the shade and the nips

I'd be surprised if Majin doesn't come down from the heavens and bonk you for this cover art. I suppose we shall see.

You all apparently have fucking hawk eyes compared to me, because even being told that there's apparently visible nipple, I can't see it.

The cover has been updated with a new nipple-free edit

Hot stuff, Lewd. I'm only disappointed that poor Sweetie didn't get to cop a gobbie from Scoots as well, but I suppose she'll be getting hers once Scootaloo recovers. And I wonder if Twilight is going to ease back on the laws about having sex in public as well, since Scootaloo and company were also doing that. Also also, Twi's date doesn't know what she's missing out on.

Anyway, 10/10, would read again.

Nice work mr Lewd, should have realized the only pone you write with a truly giant cock would be Twilight lol.

There's a saying: Once you had the biggest cock normal ones can't satisfied.

Damn this was sexy. I love twilight's casual attitude towards sex, and I was so satisfied when I realized twilight a) was going to fuck scoots and b) had a huge hog. I only wish there was more rounds or some hint that scoots was going to keep paying twilight back all night.

"The problem wasn’t her indecency, it’s the fact that it’s not explicitly allowed, nor is it technically against the law. What she does is in this weird legal limbo."

Ok. I know this story is purely porn (which was good), but my inner nerd is screaming ...

media.tenor.com/7fUCs1BM8E0AAAAd/um-actually-bonnie-gordon.gif UM ACTUALLY

Scootaloo pretty much said it all...

"Ponyville law defines female nudity as ‘any time a female’s nipples and/or vaginal opening is uncovered by any cloth or fabric garment or accessory whilst in a public place.’"

Her argument that the cloth bandaid cofines within the law is pretty solid.

I even contacted my lawyer, Saul Goodman, he agreed. And also wants sue the Town of Ponyville for the improper treatment of ponies, creatures, or other individuals while under arrest.

I have every intention of revisiting this universe

Twilight's point is that it's technically allowed, but the spirit of the law isn't being honored, which is what's really important. Her primary intent is to remove the grey area, so that Scoot doesn't have to "um actually" anymore

Extremely hot, but it’s really missing a scene of Scoots and Swoots ‘making it weird’. The story played up on promising that in the future in a big way, but it never happened.

Also missing: Scoots is in a three-way with Rainbow Dash, presumably for the very first time, but doesn’t even try to grope Rainbow or see her naked or anything? Sure, Scoots was distracted by princessly alicock, but it seemed like Rainbow was more interested in Scoots than Scoots was in Rainbow.

Also, and this one is just personal preference, Rainbow should have kissed Scoots afterward and given Scoots an opportunity to taste that princess cum. (And then Scoots runs off to meet up with Sweetie Belle while Twi and RBD go for a second round with each other.)

"Oof, that's a nasty-looking gash."

"No worries. I'll just stick a bandaid on it."

Heh, fun story. Too bad Swoots never got hers. Maybe in a sequel.

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