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Hahahahahahahahaha- coughs, wait hold on...... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OH GOD THIS WAS HILARIOUS AND KINKY!!! Good show sir.

I bet the release phrase was actually 'I love you.'

Also, this is some quality smut writing. 10/10.

Continuation please.:moustache:

A man of few words, I see

Moar please.
Possibly with them dumping their dozen or so with Cadance while they run off to make more.

Holy fuck, another amazing story got a sequel this week, feels like it's Christmas aleready!

I know you’re possibly going to say no to this request but do you think you can make another story about this or at least add onto this chapter because I feel like the ending is kind of like a cliffhanger

But still it’s a really good story

Great to see a sequel. An early Christmas present.

This story is a commission, and as such, its future is within the control of the customer. This story will only continue if TheWingman desires it to continue.

Hope you understand, and thanks for reading

Oh I completely understand and I really hope the customer ask you to continue the story

It will continue. :) Just need to come up with an idea to top it.

That’s gonna be a challenge after reading this I don’t know how you’ll top it

She grabs you by the hair, scissoring her legs around your head and pulling you in as close as possible. Umbra’s grip on you only tightens as you work your tongue deeper, as you suck and kiss her pussy. She moans, tensing and quivering around your tongue, threatening to squish your head with her powerful thighs from the sheer pleasure of it all. Even with the threat of “death by snu-snu” steadily looming, you work your tongue faster, hoping to get Umbra to let out that secret word once you sufficiently pleasure her

Trust me, I have an idea that'll shake the fabric of the universe.

I'm probably as excited as you lot

“My water just broke.”

Everyone stops for a moment to comprehend that. Once everyone is on the same page, all attention then goes to Cadance, who has only one response.

“Oh fuck…”


A third installment to this series? Please.

So we're getting more right?



It will happen in the future. :)

Now you got me thinking what is the kid like🤔

"My water just broke."

I am slightly worried of what will come out.

Key word: slightly.

Other than that, I loved the story.

Eh, I chances are Celestia will take that offer first. No Luna! She and Umbra probably had more in common with the warrior princess angle, and I bet Luna would like to 'beat her smug princess to the punch and have bragging rights of punching her V card before she did'

…and then in a fit of rage and jealousy Celestia will be next to prove that she might had been first but she is definitely the best and not even Umbra would be able to match her in carnal experience.

I appreciate how the picture up there looks just a little too close to a Homestuck troll. I, personally, think that's hilarious.

I have precisely no knowledge of Homestuck

Excellent work!

“I feel like you missed the point on that one, honey…” droned Shining.

Shining, you should asserted more confidence in that sentence of yours.

Bruh, I read this story a few hours after it’s published and I’m realizing now the title says “dame” and not “game”

You move slow, a bit slower than usual, for no other reason than to tease her. Umbra had let slip once that she was a bit obsessed with anal, particularly of the rough variety, but you were always hesitant to really let her have it.

I am now compelled by law to favorite this story

It's a pun, you see.

The Most Dangerous Game being the bane of that book where that rich dude hunts that other dude for fun.

A dame is a kinda old fashioned slang term for woman.

The story is about a hunt of sorts between Anon and Umbra, who happens to be a dangerous, old-timey woman, and so...

The Most Dangerous Dame

Fucking awesome, here. And that ending! :D

Will There be more? I'm really liking this story, even without the sexiness lol

Most likely more, just gotta work out the details with the customer

This was a epically awesomely heart pumping/warming part I hope there's a epilogue of what happened after this.

please continue with when they have a kid or kids please. another episode of my life in equestria

In the picture, why is female Sombra dressed up like Vamperella?

That song sent me back thirty years, and I'm not even that old yet.

THE SPAWN COMETH! The unholy Union of Demon and Pony will corrupt the mortal plane. All shall bow to the rightful heir of the Empire!

I'd like to see a sequel where cadence Jones him and umbra.

Do you think in the next story anonymous umbra and cadence can have a three-way

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