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I write bad smut. Hopefully, somebody reads it.

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“How would you feel about helping out an older alicorn bare a child Anon?” Celestia coyly asked out of the blue.

He he he.... me gustaaaaa.....

Let it happen!!!!!!

Don’t tease us with that ending man!

Why do I get the feeling that Celestia is going to end up just as fucked, no pun intended, as Cadence?

fuckin Goofy reference lol

TinMan #7 · Jul 16th, 2019 · · 1 ·

...I'm ok with this please go on.derpicdn.net/img/2016/4/3/1123217/full.gif

More please!
Also maybe have him do Twilight as well!

Yes pun intended XD

YES! Please let Anon help out Celestia and maybe Luna in the future.

And then he helped all the other alicorn have babies

Did you write this left-handed or something?

Because there's some consistent capitalization/pluralization-instead-of-possession issues.

I’m just bad at writing.

Flurry Heart is Anon's offspring?

No wonder she's meme'd as an affront to nature.

This is the most confused boner I've ever had.

Well then... I had read clops with Shining cheating so Chadance cheats on him with (You/Anon). Clops where falls in love with (You/Anon) over time and Shining, sees and understands that. And clops where Cadance is moreso a horny cheating love-struck slut for (You/Anon).

But this, consensual cuckolding? I never thought I would like that over those...🤔I... have to look at myself in the mirror for a bit. 😐

Yeah sequel!

I'm glad this didn't take a gay turn lmao

Damn shame this didn't take a gay turn. Shining obviously wanted a piece of Anon.

Good fic. Sequel please.:pinkiehappy:

Fuck that shit bud, you totally aren't bad at writing. Yeah you'll need to get an editor to spruce up your work but this was really good.

Also I'm down for anything that fucks SA :P

Thank you very much, that means a lot since I’m quite a fan of your works. :)
As for an editor, I’m currently looking for one.
(Update) now I have one

Sexual preference doesn't really factor into it: several hints and explicit actions showed Shining's attraction to Anon, from the physical contact, to (presumably) dressing up for him, to the kiss. Even a mole can see the signs.

Yeah, the story delivered on its promise with Anon and Cadance, and it did a marvelous job of that, but with the way things were developed alongside that, it only made sense that Shining would be more involved in the scene than being a passive voyeur. This is about set up and payoff; that Shining/Anon thread was dangled in front of us and not explored as deeply as it could have been.

Let's see:
Coherent story
Nice background development
Solid characters
Excellent lewdness
Correct use of *Pomf*

You say you're "just bad at writing," but you're actually... just not that great at grammar.

Your story, world building... your writing is excellent. Running your next chapter past an editor to catch grammar mistakes would make your stories perfect.

So, thank you for posting.

This was a solid idea, ambitious yet not going "off the rails". Shining was well made to be supportive yet still a willing and meaningful participant, which most authors don't do. Cadance was great, but she's honestly pretty hard to mess up but you still have her character instead of being a hole to pump into.

I always say that sex between two bodies is easy to write, it's getting two actual characters to fuck that's the problem.

With an editor you got a good shot. Keep writing!

This is something I'd definitely like more of! Have us give Celly and Lulu children!

Loved it

If you really do plan on a continuation it'd be sweet to see more lovey-dovey stuff with Shining Armor

When I read this, I imagined Anon being voiced by Jason Michas.

Damn man... you just gave me childhood flashbacks...
Now all I can hear is Takua’s voice from the first bionicle movie...


Considering that Shining Armor is voices by Andrew Francis, it was inevitable.

Well... you have just throughly blew my goddamn mind. Thank you good sir/madam.

(Great... now I gotta go rewatch the mask of light.)

I cant wait for part 2 i hope he bangs all the princesses.

DO IIIITTTTTTT!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Other than the grammar errors, great job! 9/10:moustache:

My boner gave up on trying to make sense years ago.

I was expecting some clop and the story didn't disappoint. The little bit of romance was also satisfying. I like Anon x Cadence X Shining Armor herding stories and that part of this one was pretty comfy. I'd love to read a continuation of this group including anything that might come up with the other Princesses (assuming Cadence & Shining are ok with it of course). Well done. Thank you for creating and sharing.

(hasn't read yet but fully intends to eventually. Right now the TF2 Halloween event is going on.)
You included CLOTHING in your fetish list?! :pinkiegasp: You sick Deviant!


I really didn't have high hopes for this story, and boy was I wrong. Most clop here is mediocre but this story is pure gold. Easily in the top 20 on this whole site.

You have improved massively since your first story.

Very well done.

The Monk
“Any problem can be solved by rigorous and vigorous application of horse-dick.” -Fenoxo

I'll be honest I was waiting for Cadence to come and tell him that Flurry was 100% his after a DNA test
Would have been so funny

Ok..... when's the sequel?

alpha style Bravado falter ”

Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire

"how Anon saved the Alicorn race"

Hm... "To be conti ---" YES PLEASE!?¡¿

Not how I read it. Seems like they meant he opened the barrier just enough to let Shining's baby bumping belly blaster batter get through.

PLEASE make a sequel to this story. I would seriously like to know what would happen between Celestia and Anon. Especially if Celestia knows a spell that will allow him get her pregnant.

Holy crap this was hot as hell and yes...Sequel pl0x

Before anything else could be said, Shining pulled you down to his level, lightly locking lips with you in a soft kiss.

my bisexual ass: :pinkiecrazy: YEEEESSSSSS

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