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23, clop writer for fun. Love pony mouths and rumps. Don't take these too seriously.

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Very nice. Glad to see a sequel.

Look forward to more


Yeah, that cover's not going to work for our purposes. You'll need to find something else.

Are you going to do Twilight Sparkle next?

wow, the cover art did not last long

I'm not suprised. If you took one look at it you would not be suprised lol.

What was the cover art?

Cadence had seman in her mouth.

several girls' throats like flashlights.

Damn, think I've been using mine wrong this whole time.

After the Mane Six, this might be the best of the series. The sexual tension combined with the anxious feeling of the guards potentially finding you. Make it quite the ride

P.S. see if you can find a new cover art.

He meant fleshlight
I think it was a little spelling error

That's all?

Yeah, kinda figured that.

But you gotta admit that it would be kinda funny to carry a girl under your arm and pointing her in whatever direction you wanted to see in the dark because light was coming out of her mouth.

I'm honestly a huge fan of the series and I meant no disrespect towards the author. And I'm sure that a million normal people could have read this story and missed that itty bitty typo, it's just that my brain is hard wired to make everything into a joke. And I honestly wasn't nitpicking I just thought it was funny is all.

Now we just need Chrysalis sucks you off, Ember sucks you off, random pony sucks you off, and finally Discord sucks you off and then we will be complete.

Fixed, sorry :(

Twilight has already been done

"You think I don't know what Celestia's been having you do for her? You're both so loud in there, me and Shining can barely sleep. I have every good reason to hold you here until they both come back!" She threatens, almost playfully. You were seconds away from getting on your knees and begging for help at this point. You notice the prince tap her hoof to her chin, pondering your situation.

“Prince” should be “Princess” by the way. Awesome clopfic all the same.

The last one, I’m not too sure about, but I’d love one where you get blown by Trixie and Starlight

I know you said that Starlight Glimmer and Trixie were out of the running, but a story where they take turns deepthroating you would be awesome.

This was awesome I can't wait to see who's next

We need a group of guards next or something.

You just made so many bronies' dreams come true!
Good seriesI and yeah, it does suck, so here's your moustache:

This isn't trash, my friend...this is GOLD!!!!

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