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23, clop writer for fun. Love pony mouths and rumps. Don't take these too seriously.


Just a quick update · 3:26pm Sep 28th, 2023

Thanks for all the support as of recent! Been thinking about what I'm gonna do next, got a lot of potential ideas but still trying to figure out how to execute them.

Here's what I got brainstormed so far:
- Strip club story involving Pinkie
- A kissing/make out compilation series, similar to PSYO
- PSYO Orgy finale, this would be a loooong one

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The Cadence fic is on the way! · 4:33pm Apr 23rd, 2023

Just wanted to let you guys know that was the next installment in the series, and work on it will start soon. Thank you all for the support and see you soon!


Celestia Sucks You Off out now! · 9:43pm Sep 4th, 2022

Hope you all enjoy it, it's glad to be back posting on here again. I love doing this series and I hope to continue it from here! ❤️


Be back soon~ · 12:50am May 15th, 2022

Hey hey! Been a while.
Just wanted to say I've been going through things as of recent (finding employment, family health issues, etc.). As soon as things get settled over here, I might be back with a new story. Been thinking of writing something involving mouth play. Will get back to you all when I have a concrete idea.

Til next time, peace!


Series complete, going to sleep · 7:15am Feb 25th, 2022

Thank you all for your favs and helpful comments during the Pony Sucks You Off series.

For the majority of this following year, I'm taking a step back from writing and putting my focus back into reading other (much more talented) people's stories. I will come back when I decide to, but this was a fun experience for me and I'm glad that I did it.

Thank you all again and see you soon!

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