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I write pony smut for fun. Most of it involves mouth stuff. Don't take these too seriously.


Celestia Sucks You Off out now! · 9:43pm Sep 4th, 2022

Hope you all enjoy it, it's glad to be back posting on here again. I love doing this series and I hope to continue it from here! ❤️


Be back soon~ · 12:50am May 15th, 2022

Hey hey! Been a while.
Just wanted to say I've been going through things as of recent (finding employment, family health issues, etc.). As soon as things get settled over here, I might be back with a new story. Been thinking of writing something involving mouth play. Will get back to you all when I have a concrete idea.

Til next time, peace!


Series complete, going to sleep · 7:15am Feb 25th, 2022

Thank you all for your favs and helpful comments during the Pony Sucks You Off series.

For the majority of this following year, I'm taking a step back from writing and putting my focus back into reading other (much more talented) people's stories. I will come back when I decide to, but this was a fun experience for me and I'm glad that I did it.

Thank you all again and see you soon!

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