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23, clop writer for fun. Love pony mouths and rumps. Don't take these too seriously.


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This was a fun and interesting chapter.

I loved this one! I think Twilight is a girlfriend we all wish we had!

. The purple pony slobbers all over that dick, spit dripping onto the mattress as she bob my head back and forth with all the energy she can muster.

You let out a loud orgasmic scream as you push her head down against your crotch, gritting your teeth as you shoot out several ropes of thick creamy cum down my throat.

She swishes the last bit of cum left in her mouth around and gurgles it in the back of your throat before swallowing.

looks like you got a bit excited near the end of the writing and switched who's who, great fetish read though, Read basically all five parts in one go

Thanks, fixed it!

Five down, one to go.

And then it turns out he won't be completing the set because Applejack only has an old-timey phone. Because her family's traditional.

Also, if Rainbow's a Wonderbolt (see 'Rainbow Sucks You Off'), how'd Twilight by-the-book Sparkle get to him before Starlight gives-no-fucks Glimmer?

Her and Trixie are in a monogamous lesbian relationship that could never be compromised by any interspecies temptation.

So the next chapter of this will either be with apple dapple, or with princesses of plots in a 3 way, no candy as she is married

I wouldn’t complain if the last one had Starlight Glimmer

So, the last chapter would probably feature Starlight Glimmer? I’d be cool with that

Couldn't get past this glaring error:

the events that perspired today

"Perspire" means "to sweat". The word you want is "transpire".

Wow! That’s just Lazy writing!

Writing that I corrected like 10 months ago lol

Oh yeah! that chapter title, just put your hand against your computer monitor so I can hi-five you already.

Goddamn these horny horses

Ha! The funniest quote so far... :moustache:
So, instead of pervy Anon, these stories you have written flip it about, so the ponies are the pervs on Anon. Love it!

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