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23, clop writer for fun. Love pony mouths and rumps. Don't take these too seriously.


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Released on my birthday.

Happy cake day!


Released on my birthday.

So did Anon.

God tier series. Thank you so much for writing these!

*<>* this fic feels incomplete , like a preview of the actual thing... Needs a part 2 with Luna

Agreed, it does feel incomplete like it cut out half way through. Haven't read the others yet but couldn't resist me some 'o that sun princess.

There will be a follow-up that picks up from here. Luna will most likely be involved.

I did too!

Mmmm. Vanilla!

This was a epically fun and interesting part I hope there will be more and he gets a herd.

I don't suppose we can get the sauce on the cover immage?

Nevermind i spotted it

I mean, you could have helped everyone else out with the source rather than an almost completely useless comment.

go on derpibooru

type " celestia" in the search bar.
Sort by Fave Count descending

literally the middle of the top row on the first page.


Go to Derpibooru

copy and paste : artist:sugarlesspaints

into the search bar
Sort by Fave Count descending

literally the first image.

Just give a number of picture.
Edit: number is 1179480

At times, you remember the princesses and Starlight leaving messages on your phone after Pinkie sent them pictures of your cock in her mouth. They were less interested than the other girls, more annoyed than anything. Starlight was in a relationship with Trixie, and didn't have any interest in what you had to offer. Luna found the pic disgusting, and hasn't spoken to you since. All Candace sent was a series of flirtatious emojis. They all shared one thing: you were too busy getting blown by 6 different horses to text them back.

I wonder if we could get a story where Starlight and Trixie share you.

All characters in this story are 18 years old and over.


Well, yeah, she's like a thousand plus.

Well, yeah, she's like a thousand plus.

That was the joke, yes.


We still getting that Luna update?

It'll be coming soon, just a lot going on with life

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