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23, clop writer for fun. Love pony mouths and rumps. Don't take these too seriously.


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Comment posted by The Correspondent deleted Sep 5th, 2021

Hey, tbh I have a question.

Are they anthro, human, or full pony? I would like to know before reading anything in this series. So when/if you get around to answering this question, thank you.

Now, may you and your loved ones stay safe, and remain healthy physically, mentally, and especially emotionally. Have a good time.:pinkiehappy:

Just out of curiosity. How did the OC get his pants back on?. In the previous story it mentioned the OC taking his pants off but nothing about him putting them back on before he fell through the cloud floor of Rainbow's place.

I have legit no answer for this.

pulling down your underwear with your teeth

I think it's with her teeth. But the image is hilarious XD

My balls are coated

Think its Your

I'm loving these :heart:
Excited for Twilight lol

Sooooo who's up next?

This was beyond epic I can't wait for Twilight turn(no rush ) * hope he gets to fuck some mare pussy to soon.

You close my eyes


good stuff though.

All I have to say is praise the Sun

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