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ultra featured then.

“ Oh Dash...mmm...taste...rainbow… ” Anon sleepily grumbled, rolling about as she wrapped her legs around one of her pillows.

what has my life come to?

Let me know if you find out my dude, because we're in the same boat!

Random, Fun and just the right amount of weird to be enjoyable? o.o

Life would be fairly boring otherwise :/

I'm just going to take some Joy. When life annoys, pop a Joy.

It was an interesting reed, for the first part, loved the jerk Brony Anon, after he arrived in his home I felt it was less interesting some reason not sure why, maybe he/she could have explored Ponyville more with the the new pony form and see how others take it. Thunderlane was a little dull in my opinion.

Still I did like it

No no my dude, I meant "thanks" because you said you liked it! I appreciate the compliment and the fact that you took the time to comment! :yay:

Nice cover image bro.

I liked this quite a bit. I can't wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the series, I bet whatever happens will be great I can see so many things working so well with this set up.

Anonfilly is always wonderful, and you have the best kind of stupid smutty irreverrance to handle her, I loved it. Can't wait for more!

Surely you'd change this story's status to 'incomplete' after all the praise it garnered?

Just as the story was getting good..

Please do alot more of theses


To address the question of if there will be more, I fully plan on continuing with these. Unlike some writers, I prefer to write a number of stand alone, connected stories, as opposed to one large story with multiple chapters. The reason is twofold.
A) I feel less pressure to continue with the series if I can casually add to it.
B) Sometimes there's a substantial lapse in the stories themselves between "chapters". To me, it would be a disservice to have chapter 2 take place weeks, or even months, after chapter 1. As such, each gets to run free with a cover image and miniature arc all its own.

Regardless, I appreciate the comments and I hope y'all stick around to see the shenanigans she gets into! :raritywink:

I oddly enjoy this.
..For whatever reason.

I'm not sure whether to be terrified or aroused.

I'm not sure whether to be terrified or aroused.


Still nothing about the filly peeing in someone's mouth?
huh :thinking:

Celestia has absolutely no idea of what she has unleashed on her unsuspecting little ponies. The littlest pony shall reach that which the human couldn't - pony plot :trollestia:

I kind of like your way of handling making more of something, it means anyone could basically jump into any 'chapter' and still enjoy it even if they were missing some context.

This story almost demands a sequel so please Horseword God please deliver unto us mere mortals your divine blessings!

Fear not!!! Already got plans for at least three more of these damn things wonderfully crafted stories in the cooker!

What's with the common usage of the word 'smut' lately?

I am either envious of anon being turned into a filly or of Thunderlane for getting to use a filly that can swallow that much length and volume.
Either way this was good. Looking forward to more of these.

Damn that filly she always has the best fun before i do.... i mean heh never mind?


It’s the best word. I love the word smut. It’s classier than just saying porn. You can just picture the smiling, mustachioed baby-boomer sitting around in his smoking jacket puffing on a cigar and saying “Aw yeah, that’s some good smut.”

God, I want to be Anon in this scenario. Imagine the endorphin rush from taking a heaping helping of stallion-meat all the way down your tiny esophagus, nearly passing out in ecstasy from the thick, salty aroma of the heaving jewels right in front of your face. I wouldn’t be able to help myself, in her position. I would spend literally every moment of every day dripping cum from both ends. :rainbowwild:

Oh man, if this one rustled your jimmies, I can't wait to hear your reaction to what's gonna happen next!!! :trollestia:

But seriously, thanks for the compliment. I hope you stick around to enjoy what's to cum come! :twilightsmile:

Or people are using it just because everyone else is using it. It's a trend. It may die down quickly, or it will become the new doge.

I've always used the word "smut", it just seems a bit less crass than porn. Although, that being said, "lewds" is a strong contender for "bestest word to describe erotic content".

This was strangely hot! But here's the thing; now I think it should have a sequel.

This Anon is a dick, but Celestia just turned a lustful man human into a filly! Going by the pics I've seen with Filly Anon he, now she, can really use this to really fuck with Celestia, by fucking with her ponies! Literally!

Let the lewdness continue!:pinkiehappy:

I won't spoil anything,but...

Celestia made a grave error in turning Anon into a filly. If I were to give the princess once piece of advice, it would be to prepare for unforeseen consequences...

Also, she's not technically a filly, just a horse with a growth deficiency.

That sounds looks like a new story description.

True, but with that look Anon is sporting the ponies of Ponyville are not ready for what's coming!:pinkiehappy:

besides Braeburn, but he didn’t count

Everybody's gay for Braeburn!

Hot as fuck, my man. Good job.

These man to filly anon stories are definitely amongst my favourites, look forward to more of this type of story :twilightsheepish:
Maybe you could submit this story to this group >///< https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212725/anonfilly-appreciation

Ye, dis need sequel

I can completely see how this could mess with Celestia...

Celestia, Yes I changed him to help him fit in. There were some minor acceptable psychological changes though... He keeps talking about horrible untrue rumors about me.

As such I have enrolled her in the local Ponyville school and will provide what I can to help acclimate her to her new role in society.

Foal services worker squints suspiciously, You know she is in the body of a filly sucking off random stallions in alleys right? Is that what is considered acceptable?

Interestingly enough, I just finished the second installment and am currently doing final edits!

I hope you stick around for it because, hoooo boy, does it get interesting! :trollestia:

Excellent.... I will have to keep an eye out.

Queue the maniac laughter!

Maybe this is me, but this is on every level just weird to read.

Also, is anon gay or straight if she dates a mare? The real shit everyone needs to be asking

I mean, does it really matter? She's just a lewd creature, nothing more. :twilightblush:

Interesting concept for a story.

You know, this Anon can be a jerk without social skills, but Celestia may have outdid it a little. And she did seem to think this is not going to work either way...

Oh well, you reap what you sow.

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