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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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Oh, Twilight... When will you ever learn why did what you did do more like as what opposed to it?

Comment posted by Hoops deleted Nov 30th, 2015

OP... that was... That was... Fucking amazing. You right bastard.

It's good to know we have the same tastes in humor. Not so much in cereal, though. Captain Crunch is best cereal.

The very first upvote? But I don't know how to handle this kind of trendsetting power!

i can't finish reading laughing too hard at lucky charms part :rainbowlaugh:

This chapter felt a little flat.

I humbly think thou schould add "Dark" now... cause thats dark

I find the idea of Anon repeatedly talking Twilight into weird magical tonguing acts with the argument "its not sexual" kinda hot. In a sexual way.

I fucking love you, Pencil. I woke up my parents at midnight from laughing so goddamn hard.

It would not be the first time I've woken up a guy's parents.



Winner winner chicken...nah, can't afford a chicken dinner, my apologies.


Gods damn the references! References everywhere!

Twilight! Didn't they tell you not to cause trouble as you crossed the border!?

8/8 gr8 job m8
u got a giggle ot o' me

All glory to Cobrastan, da?

Twilight should take some time to book a room for her and some papers.

I hope I spelt that right

Jumanji, but close enough!

I fuckin called it! But for the wrong reasons, I was thinking that twilight had simply gotten tired of running through the jungle every time.

I agree.

Needs more Robin Williams.
But otherwise good chapter.

now write the part where Anon comes back and stabs twilight in the throat.

Oh come on, you know that only bad things happen to Anon in my stories.

That's true....

there's no justice in the world anymore.

I remember reading everything you've written in that weird website on your homepage I think? This was hilarious there and here although I don't remember that last bit, did you add it when you transferred it here or was it updated earlieier, anyway this is AWSOME although I did notice near the beginning you called zebra a he instead of a she

Other then that another great chapter keep this shit up its funny

Yep! Good call. Thanks for the catch, I'll go fix that.

Guess you could say it was Anon who got played. Twilight took it literally when someone told her to hate the player not the game. It seems Zecora, uh.. well fuck. Something something single player masturbation innuendo? Meh.

I don't.....
I can't even....

*Inside the game* Hey Robin Williams, how's it hangin'?

Something something something pen is mightier something.

Shoulda just braided her hair, mang.

Anon's penor proved mightier than her... stationary? Gah, it's write there on the tip of my tongue. Have some half assed puns instead.

I wouldn't have pegged Anon for being so manila. Guy seems like a real crepe. And poor Sparkle! That girl has some real tissues. It's a shame Anon reacted like such a Bich. Literate man like that, he seems like just her type.

Fuck my life.


This made me so proud of you.

I guess twilight got board with Anon, now she has to find another human to fill the roll

Well then. That was actually a very serious thing that just happened. He uncovered the secret to the leprechaun.

Cowboy bebop reference got me instant favorite.

Head-on. Apply directly to the ...hugs?

What's the difference between love and herpes?

Herpes lasts forever

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