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>Sees a new Leech/Anon story

> neuron activation :trollestia:

I'll be honest, I've read the stories in this series, but for the return of Chrysalis I didn't expect. This gives me hope that Anon will be reunited with all the partnerships he had in the first part of the book.

I must also say that I loved the hook chapters you put on the Eris/Discord part. I liked the Young Six stories, it was really good.

Aw shit, here we go again.

In all honesty I kinda hope Chrysalis is the one he settles down with. She may be a villain but she does what she does for her children. She isn't evil she just approached everything in the wrong way. She deserves to be loved too just like anyone else.

I doubt that will happen as at the end of the series before this it hooked into his AnonXChrysalis story "To Ne'er Come Down Again" which is great by the way

slipping his manhood through a soft hole in her foreleg to jack him off. ahh the nostalgia, high five for that reference.

Not bad. So when's the next installment of Rumble's futa story arc? Will he head to Zabari's village, or keep training himself?

Well, at least Chrysalis finally got what she want, even though she couldn't remember.

I've been saying that about Chrysi for a while. She's not evil. She does what she does because she loves her children. The only reason she has to TAKE love in order to feed her hive is because ponies look at her and see a monster. They don't see her as just another pony. They see a monster bug thing.

the cover art is phenomenal

Huh I actually have that favorited but haven't read it yet. I know what I'm reading next 😍.

I'm sticking with this series until the... climactic finish~ :raritywink:

The puns just keep cumming

> face. He’d freely admit to being a amorous creature, but sex wasn’t everything -

Who are you and what have you done with Leech

Cuddles, be they pre or post-coitus, and smooches are important too!

How DID she get free?

This was before she got imprisoned in season 9
The alternate timeline with her takes place after she was imprisoned

Ah... okay. Thanks!

I'm reading this.... during NNN.... I am SHOCKED that I'm not going for it right now.

Nooooo! Bring Chryssi back😫!

Great story!:moustache:

So, will there be any other's returning? Like Queen Novo or Ember?

What a beautiful artwork...
She look majestic and alluring..

Yes!! Let it not be a dream next time!!

Luna be like, "wait.... What the fuck?!"

Can't wait for the sequel!!

Goddamn bro your Anon/Chrissy stories are always fuggin top notch🤌

Still waiting for the feral chimera in heat chapter

BUT NO HURRY MAN take all the time you need

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