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Just a harmless little bug in the code. An unexpected feature. A bit of entropy. I’m sure they’ll patch me soon enough.

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Aww so cute mybe the queen might upgrade “him” if he is a good boy ands gets her some Flowers for when he murders that pussy

Metamora huh beautiful name. Yeah I myself am reading Bugging out and enjoying it though I just started myself.

As for the concept I love a good Changlingxhuman story though recently they started to crop up more which is good!

I'm enjoying this. :)

Haha yeah, loved how shes shocked that he lasts so much longer then any Sapient creature in Equis. I'm curious to see how this continues!

*Gasp!* You mean I get two daily doses of lovebugs?!

Of course our protagonist would be an ass and have her joking transform again haha. Oddly enough I couldn't picture the transformation properly as the sex was made. Meta sounds cute on her own, so I imagined her own scratchy voice in the dialog not the high pitched one from Chrisi. As well as her original body.

Meta grew on me fairly quickly in just three chapters. I can't wait to see where this goes!

Metamora is a great character, that magic makes sense for a changeling.

Will this story have any sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

Then give him some nice thick meat

If the guy is dead
And sex is going to continue, in the dead guy's house, whenever
Why are they gonna keep that facade?

"Oh hey there, we're an inter-species couple finding a place to settle down" Would've sounded more plausible :rainbowhuh:

I was just putting out my opinion, her disguise would make sense when having Anon around but that's pretty much it. Sex with him seems like the loudest and most intensive thing to ever happen in that universe and unless she's willing to don another disguise for the sake of Anon when someone asks about the noise in Atlas' house, he's gonna have to live with the stigma of possibly being gay in their eyes. :twilightoops:

Oh that's very much intentional :raritywink:. You'll start to see Anon's vehement defense of his sexual orientation as a kind of recurring trope here pretty soon.

I actually write a few chapters ahead on this to give me plenty of time for proofreading and revisions, and both the chapter I wrote yesterday and the one I wrote today (which will be out next week - no spoilers on which days) have a little bit of fun with that stigma. Anon wouldn't be Anon without a bit of sexual insecurity bordering on homophobia.

I think it was an accident just like myself

9270041 9270052 9270169
No accidents here... just a bit of a glitch in our regularly scheduled programming.

We've even had someone solve the puzzle already. :ajsmug:

For hours this has bothered me and probably will for the remainder of the story.

Damn, I'm having a lot of trouble decoding this. I gave it a good hour of my time, but I'm just not very good at this. Oh well. I'm sure other people will do better than I did.

Alas, I don't think I have the knowledge on hand to solve this, so I shall have to wait for someone to post either a hint, or a solution.

And here is me that was able to figure out all of the stuff in anonpencil's Broken Bindings.

That being said, I will be trying to crack this again when I'm more conscious and have more free time.

Are you going to be making every chapter precisely 2000 words? Because that seems to be a highly improbable coincidence otherwise.

Wondered how long it would take for someone to notice. It's totally on purpose. Having an exact word count is a fun challenge for me and I think it helps me write better.

I'll likely throw up a blog post tomorrow explaining my writing process and why I settled on 2000 words. It'll be a completely unsolicited look into my mind, which is probably way less interesting than I'd like to believe.




I believe in you. Even if it takes you an extended amount of time to figure it out, you can do it! Once you figure it out, you'll know; it's kind of binary - either you find the coded message or just garbage. Best hint I can give is to brush up on your oct, hex, and decimal conversions.

If you do figure it out, please limit the interchange of the answer or I won't be able to reward those who legitimately crack the code.


Yep. Gave it another hour and a half working with your hint, but if I'm going to completely honest, I'm not very knowledgeable with encoding and decoding, cryptograms and all that . Not all that needed in my everyday life. It's best I leave this other, more qualified people.

Is this a more complex version of a 1=A cipher? Cause if it is then I really need to bust out some of my math and computers books to do this then...

It's even better if you have a D that evaluates to the number 8. Specifically as a number, unless you're a little less well-endowed.

Because without it it's just good syntax, but with it it's true.

Ciphers don't play into the solution this time. Although you may still need the computer books, just turn to the history section if you ever intend to hack this mainframe...

Gasp! Still clinging to such a contentious antipattern in this day and age?

Well, I won't challenge that which you consider important enough to instantiate with global scope.

Nonetheless, should your implementation require inter-process signaling, you know how to dereference a named pipe to my thread.

...I need to stop making programming jokes in the comments of a fanfiction website.

Well finally someone did it. Frankly I'm disappointed every time I see someone... uhh... do the more common thing, let's phrase it like that to avoid spoilers.

I'd decode it and message you, but it feels like I haven't earned it. I'll still decode it, just to see.
That's where you're going with this? Um, okay.

If you think you've got it figured out, shoot me a message! You may not feel like you've earned it, but I think everyone else would want you to cash in that satisfaction for an extra chapter, don't ya think?

Oh no

Twilight had feelings for the dead guy

Ugh! Can we just drop this whole sex dungeon thing?”

“I knew it was a sex dunge-” you started as a ball gag materialized out of nowhere, flying at your face in a pinkish aura. Direct hit.

“Is that your penis?” Twilight asked, looking between her legs.

“Only if that’s your sopping wet pussy mashed up against it,” you retorted.

She's a closet pervert :rainbowkiss:

You just single-handledly managed to increase the number of tabs I have open by a factor of 5. Thanks :/

All I can tell is that this is hexadecimal.

Tried for an hour didn't even know where to start

You know what I like the most about this story? It’s not the plot(heh), or the humor, it’s the fact that every single chapter is 2,000 words exact.

Don’t know why that amuses me so much.

Check out my blog post: Wake Up - Two Thousand Words?

...but if that's your favorite part I need to add more plots (double heh) and make more gay jokes at Anon's expense.

That was an informative blog post, at least I know what that 2,000 word thing is about.

More plot (triple heh) is something I would not complain about and reading more about Anon dodging that gay shit would also give me great amusement.

( For the first time you really noticed her pussy and the marked difference to what you were used to seeing …on the Internet ) This here confuse me ? Are you implying that Anon only ever saw a girl vagina on internet ?? Or that he only saw horse vagina on internet ?? If he only saw a girl vagina on internet it's kinda sad and ruin a bit for me. As for the other...well.... yeah... we won't go there.

She knew Twi was in heat, she didn't want her man anywhere near that

Anon you idiot, you never stick your dick in crazy.

On another note, can we get more Cornflower?

This would be a completely different story if Metamora was that perceptive... She's rather oblivious, which makes her and Anon so perfect together. They're two peas in a pod that way.

If Anon limited his dick to not crazy, there would be a lot less of magical talking horse land on top of it. Calling him an idiot though... that's a title he wears with pride.

Isn't she the greatest? Part of what makes her so great right now is that she's whatever you want her to be. No real story to box her in, just brief description to paint the broad strokes. I'm afraid I can't promise anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up in one of the extra chapters as part of the *** HALT - LP0 ON FIRE *** challenge.

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