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I write bad smut. Hopefully, somebody reads it.

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I've yet to read but the thumbnail is already promising a good time

Can I please get a link to the uncropped image somehow? Or, at the very least, Could I please get the name of that image?

Not gana lie my dudes, I want a sequel.

Mane 6 sequel or chapter please!

Today, the appetizer
Tomorrow, the entree

Would Celestia and Luna count as dessert?
They better get a strengthening potion unless they wanna break our boy's hips

Ok, I realize this if free smut, but you really need an editor.

It comes in threes so u forgot Cadence

She's the late night snack

I just realize he didn’t finish that entire potion most of it is still left on his table

Good job on Scootaloo. A little bit dissapoint with too much anal, and how Sweetie was left unfucked.

Fucking hoy man, this needs a sequel, with the cmc, main six, and the princesses, and a little of world building would be good too.

This was a awesomely chill and interesting beginning I can't wait to see more.

I hope there's a sequel when not only sweetie gets her turn but the main six and the 3 other pie sisters.


I think this is one of the best story with CMC I've read here. :heart:

Not bad. Not bad at all. I agree with the other about a sequel. I'd love to read more about this herd.

This was a very good read <3

A bit to much anvilicious "Oh if I must~" exposition but generally good.

I take it back. This reads like it was written by a mormon on a bender.

.............. I'm so going to hell for reading this.......

Actually I want to read a "The Next Day" and Anon looks at the three and says something along the lines "You're sisters are complete freaks and I am keeping them!"

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