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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

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Can ome get a DM of the full picture? Asking 4 friend...

What was the full picture?

Magician horse has done it again.

She must not be magically looking hard enough if she thinks Trixie forcing him in place counted.

However... Color me intrigued at this escalating

Oh Starlight, that's one bet you're going to regret :rainbowlaugh:

Just wait until Starlight finds out Trixie forced it. :moustache:

9721240 Reverse Gender Roles in Equestria. Reversed in relation to typical human gender roles, that is, meaning mares are seen as and typically act 'dominant' over stallions, objectifying them and/or not respecting them as 'people' because of their gender. Mares get more respect because they are mares.

Some stories really play RGRE up. This story was somewhat mild RGRE, apart from Trixie literally forcing herself on him sexually (you know: rape) even though his intention was simply to help her. Hence the warning.

Lmao Trixie, just playing Glimglam for her bits. Glimmer is gonna go broke

Does Trixie have a permit to conduct business there?

ha now i want to see that next bet xD

Come on Starlight, we know you want some that cum too :moustache:

Small nitpick, but males don't really go into heat, they go into rut.

9721543 You got it first!

Coverart sauce: Derpibooru ID:2081663 (NSFW)

The air was clean, and there were no fucking homeless. Hopefully they kept the taxes high so no dirtbags could move in.

And that's where I stopped.

Would love to see a follow up to this XD

Trixie is adorable

Great little story.

Well thought out, well executed and very well done.

The Monk
"I-I'm sorry, did you just say 'blowjob'?" Jesse had to think seriously hard about this.” -An Intricate Disguise

Oi, you got a dick-suckin' license there?

I'm hoping by the way you left this off you intend to make a sequel, I'd also be rather interested in seeing some bets where Starlight has to try to do something.

Never you mind. Now, did Starlight pay her telepresence license watchin those two like that?

couldn't dig up and holes for


bad company pre se


lives better that we were before

"than" or "than they were"


Most excellent.

and then he gets them both super pregnant and they live happily ever after, the end

And then they have glorious preggers pone sex. A preggers pone threesome.

I'm very glad this happened, just kind of sad they didn't actually have sex.

Just a suggestion, but a chapter where Starlight and Trixie compete to pleasure anon the most without magic would be an amazing read.

Is there any buttsex in this story? Not that that's a requirement. I just think that it would be a wasted opportunity for making jokes about taking it in the backdoorstage if there isn't.

And also I'm not hugely into blowies, so I probably won't read it if it's just that.

Damn good. Most excellent.

I'm slightly disappointed you didn't work in a line of dialogue from Starlight saying something like, "Wow, I feel like I died on the way back to my home planet, that was intense!" Otherwise excellent addition.

Edit: apparently 2 people feel this was not an excellent addition. Oh well, their loss!

Bruh haha. Make this fic incomplete if you're gonna keep adding chapters.

You poor author, you played the Mom card.

She's next.

Last chapter. I promise.

You know you want to write more and to continue this fic. *inset jedi hand wave &and mind f*ckry here*

Last chapter. I promise.

Hey, let's not get hasty now...

Last chapter. I promise.

Y tho? Why not keep up the wonderful, hilarious work? :rainbowlaugh:

Sure, it's a fitting end, but we'd still love more.

This is quite a change of Twilight's personality compared to other sexfics I read; she is usually shy or at least avoid the topic of sex. That doesn't mean that I mind in the slightest.

Don't you dare promise "last chapter". I need more slutty mares!

"last chapter" I will go like you never wrote that boi

I demand hot pregnant sex Whit starlight and twilight

I keep thinking its over and then when I'm browsing I see a new chapter again :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: Also I been waiting for some Twilight stuff out of LBP

No please, we need another ten!

What, no She-cuck Shimmer? How absolutely shameful.

Absolutely brilliant.

Most excellent.

"Who's gay now, mom?"

Oh, you went there :pinkiegasp:

Last chapter. I promise

hey let's but be too hasty here

Ah, but that's only when she's not doing something "official" or when she's letting herself get carried away, thus the "Oh you poor colt let me help you with that ara ara~" schtick.

LOL - That ending.... Bravo, dear author. Fucking bravo.

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