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I never get tired of seeing Queen Umbra stories.

Now I have to wait for more .....

neat, a continuation

Yes. Good. Good. It's all coming together

Glad to see a sequel! I really enjoyed the first one, can't wait to see how you develop this.:twilightsmile:

“Never forget, Sister. You and I both could very easily be Umbrial Daze. And perhaps she would not look so kindly on our actions, either.” The enormous alicorn pushed past her sister rudely, butting their chests together and warming the room with a radiating and passionate rage.

“This discussion is over.” She growled, a fiery energy building in her horn that made nearby torches thrash and dance furiously with unbearable heat.

“Goodnight, Luna.” An enormous door slammed behind the Day Princess to assure she wouldn’t be followed, leaving the petite alicorn alone in her thoughts.

“Ugh… Luna. You and your legendary tact strike again.” She mumbled to herself, exhaustedly making for her chambers.

And yet, she makes a damn good point. Umbra may be seen as a conniving, bitter monster of a pony, but her experiences with Derpy and the Herd have improved her disposition by leaps and bounds. Honestly, they probably have done more than what Twilight could have accomplished. The question remains: Who are you to deny Life? For all we know, she would be a fantastic mother that could create a paragon of pony kind.

What is holding Celestia back is her fear of what future evil could be, when she should make the judgment when the time comes for such things.

I'm so relieved I managed to get that idea across clearly you have no idea. I could hug you.

Not going to lie, the relationship between Umbra and Dinky was heartwarming and surprisingly moving. Looking forward to more of this.

Ngl, worried about Zecora hurting dinky through some misguided attempt at something.

The interactions beta parties were wonderfully done, and I love how it happened hints at something more going on. Were Zecora's words directed at Dinky or Umbra?

Awww, Umbra and Dinky are so cute together!

Without being specific, Zecora is mostly speaking to Umbra in order to aggravate the hell out of her.

Ha this was great!

Well, this will only end poorly. Sunbutt will probably try to complicate this situation too.

Umbra vs. Zecora...place your bets!

Intriguing most intriguing Indeed. One I see this going one way an that way involves Tia complicating it even more second do hope to see more soon!

*<>* oh boy ..i wonder how umbra is gonna take this ,
Wot do you mean she is flirting with you in your dreams? H-How Dare../+ insert raging mare scream

Uh oh..... this does not bode well

That's like, three fights right there.

It slipped my mind this story updated not once, but twice. As it started I was intrigued with the idea she's starting to feel some conflict with the demons of her past affecting her family, giving before she would have cared less, and had nothing to lose. Now she does.

Learning more about her past through Rose was fun, and could we go on a limb and suggest Rose might be a friend of sorts to the old Queen? Oh, and that painting she gave to Rose... another wonderful display on why the princesses don't like her. Makes one wonder if it was created through guess or past experiences?

Finally, more is revealed about Zecora and wow. No wonder she hates Umbra, but the word 'halfbreed' got thrown again, and still no answers as to why it effects her so much. I have ideas, but I want to see what implications it has in Equestria. Good job sir. Can't wait to see what happens next.

In a way Luna is rediscovering something she once lost, and while feel this was a spur of the moment for her, I feel she did it on purpose to see what he would do. By waking if up in that final moment, it might tell her more about anon than their whole talk. Who would wake up from that unless they were shocked and worried about something? Luna might be paying them a visit in the near future.

ya te story continues, I cannot wait to see more !

Nice lil love scene. :moustache:

in a way I just realized something that , anon , this anon, is going to found out what Celestia and luna been doing smd controlling some part of his life to have kids , and when that happens it's going be a huge Huge bomb shell

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