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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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Pretty hot so far. Can't wait to see what happens next...

Riding on the Razor's edge with that cover

You should see my Pinkie's Pie fic cover

nice work.:twilightsmile:

Thanks ^_^ Glad you enjoyed it

I gotta be honest with you. The story was amazing, but the part that he was told he has to BJ.... just killed my boner.....

Then you may not like the next fic. The first chapter, however, should be fine.

Actually, chapters 1 and 5 should be futa-free

Dude you cant put tits on the cover art

Gonna stop at this one
Pretty hot but not into male on futa

I hate futa

I didn't mean for you to take offence to it. I can read futa I just can't 'take care of johhny' with it, it is a real turn off for me

I'm not into futa but I can look past it to enjoy the smut & romance. I love the Royal Sister's confessions of love for Anon. The whole 'dressing Luna' scene pushed my comfy, sappy buttons. I'd still want to make things "official" even knowing they'd out live me. Thanks for creating and sharing.

Looks you managed to stay true to your word (9541347), especially considering how challenging it probably was.

Good work!

Let me know if you still think so after The Big One: Chrysalis. It was halfway through Cadance where I stopped caring what people wanted and focused on writing what I wanted.

Yeah, I will!

And don't worry about writing what you want: In the end it is you, who you want to satisfy.
(Some of the guys in the comments really seem to have trouble reading the description...)

Yeah I know. I tag it with Futa and I still get the "I hate futa", "Futa sucks", and "It was fine until the futa" comments. Funny enough, I never got anti-futa comments on my GTA Series and there's a ton of futa in there.

Being a UI programmer, a web designer - or, apparently, a fanfic author - you tend to learn some truths about people. Things like:

- people don't recognize color or ignore it, so putting color around the important shit is useless;
- people don't recognize styling, so making the important shit bold is useless;
- in fact, it's all useless as people don't read descriptions or manuals altogether.

People also miss animations, big fucking arrows, moving text, blinking text, and obvious button shapes. Next UI or website I write, I'm making the buttons look like dicks - that should draw attention.

Yes. People really are like that. Sadly.

But hey! There's a flip side to this! These just mean that these people get drawn into your fiction! They seem to care enough to want to voice their displeasure! ;)

I know this story is completed, and one in a glowing number of chapters in this universe, but I kind of wish there were a little mention of Barb(rule 34 Spike) in it. After all she is the savior of Cadence's kingdom. Enjoyed the story though and I will look at the other stories related to it...

Barb is in the current series “The Heat”

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