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Gaze within the Holocron and see what stories it has to tell.

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Always nice to see more Ember stuff that is not E or T rated.

Add human tag for Anon
Human x Anthro fics are getting around more. It's okay

Thank you, added :twilightsmile:

kinda quick

that was a nice quicky ;)

1 or 2 miner things but a good short story.

Dan #7 · Jul 7th, 2021 · · ·

She doesn't have a "pussy."

Once you cloaca, you never go back-a. (Yes, I know that's not how it's pronounced)

When do the griffons and changelings want a go? :trollestia:

Plot twist: Twilight gets off on note taking. She's got Fluttershy for you.

That ejac- er, escalated quickly. :trollestia:

Most excellent.

Going Cloaca is a Back-Break-a!

Why are there so few words in history? Must be at least 10K! Try to improve your plot writing for more fun and more detail. After all, you will not be bitten for this! Better yet, you can show your skill.

I have not read this story, but all because it is not serious, even if the rating is M!

Therefore, I do not consider any positive assessments for this story to be serious.

Не скука, а вызов :twilightsmile:

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