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11/10, great job. Loved it, write lots more please thanks.

Definitely off to a great start.

I have absolutely no words whatsoever except, next chapter please :heart:

Glad you think so, good brother. More to come as soon as I can.


Oh please wrote more of this.

Maybe it's my dark mind, but I kind of expected Rainbow to keep Twilight dumb forever. Which...some people might like, but it would scar me.

More on the way, good brother

There's still a lot more of this story to tell. Plenty of time for Twilight to get dumber, Rainbow to get hornier, and shit to get fucked up.

Frankly, I don't really like the idea of making it permanent, because it kills a lot of power play that can happen. So, unless I can find a way to make Twilight perma-dumb in a satisfying way, it will likely be reversible.

But who knows! I'm a whacky dude, anything can happen

So I'm gonna go ahead and track this... because I don't know how I feel about this story. Kind of liked it though.

5/7 perfect, I can't wait for the forthcoming!

"Kind of liked" it is, frankly, far better than I could've ever imagined for this fic.

Not sure if that math works, good brother, but what do I know? I'm a smut writer, not a mathematician.

I can only hope this ends in a pregnant bimbo Twilight Sparkle. What has science done.

Hadn't considered impregnation... We'll have to look into that

Good stuff. My problem though, is that I can't help but think about this would affect their relationship realistically.

Of course it will. You're just gonna have to wait and see how.

Thanks for reading and enjoying

Really hope it doesn't turn permanent kinda goes from kinky fun to dark life ruining bad end territory if it does.

I'll put it like this: No matter what happens, both parties will be happy in the end. I don't know where I'm gonna end up going, this whole story is kinda amorphous in my head, but I promise that there will be no regrets.

+1 for keeping it reversible, BUT, I guess you could play with the idea of Rainbow having total control over twiggy's... retardation spell
I don't know how, maybe a device of some sort? Or an artifact or whatever, but the idea of 'dumb' Dash being able to transform smart princess into a cocksucking brainlet whenever she wants, wherever she wants is kinda really hot tbh

I also have to go for +1 for impregnation, especially if Twilight actually keep her memories and doesn't tell Dash, which leads to some fake drama with Twilight having some leverage against her and making her feel like shit but ending up being okay with it anyway and going 'and I hope you learned your lesson!' and then Dash revenge fucking her, of course

Either way, I'll be fine if they both end up happy, but Dash fell for the smart princess, and it's fine to lust for the retard every once in a while, but Dash killing the smart to keep the retard would be weird, from a plot standpoint

I was kind of expecting that swallowing anything else would stop her body from reabsorbing her intelligence juice. It would have been funny to see Dash in a panic, and Twilight not understanding the problem, as she kept on being a bimbo for half an hour.

She has to remember what happened, doesn't she? There's no reason to lose memories with an IQ increase. But then, she might remember answering a couple of questions without knowing what her answers were, and I can see her not saying anything about the sex thing; because she kind of enjoyed it, and she must have been expecting it really. If she wanted the first time to be just a science experiment, it wouldn't be hard to find someone scientifically-minded who could give her an intelligence test just to test the science of it. I think that first session went kind of how Twi hoped.

Impregnation sounds like fun.
But my brain always has to think about how something could be made weirder. Scene jumps into my head now... if we're doing role reversal, making Twilight the dumb one, maybe she could start wondering what it's like to be the one with the cock for a while. When back in brainiac-mode, she comes up with a spell that should allow her to 'borrow' her girlfriend's dick for a couple of minutes, just so they can both feel what it's like. And Dash feels guilty enough about taking advantage of dumb-twi that she feels it's only fair. So, they cast the spell, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe that spell doesn't work on futa-dicks? Makes her really horny though. Then a couple of weeks later, Rainbow Dash realizes she's pregnant.

Very nice. Eagerly awaiting the braindead cum bucket Twilight bad end. Good ending is fine too, but... you know why most of us are here :twilightblush:

I can’t believe I’m saying this... but out of all the fucked up things I’ve read on this site, and especially all the stuff you’ve written. This...THIS is what bothers me? I think it’s the way Twilight puts her trust in Dash, and Dash immediately violates it without even a second thought. The fact that this of all things is apparently my line... Ugh, it’s 5:30am, and I already need a drink.

I'm hoping for this not ending permanent. Would kinda kill my potential enjoyment of this story.

Mind alteration is a difficult one especially like this. Consent to alter your own mind isn't very cut and dry. The fact that rainbow is so ignorant of this what really bothers me. It plays to her character a bit but all the bad lizard brain tendencies.

Oh, shit! The idea of RD doing it whenever she wants is setting my brain (and other various bits of my anatomy) hard at work. I'm definitely gonna do that, I can already think of some really hot situations involving that. Good shit, bro!

I've honestly not decided if Twilight remembers or not yet. But, if she doesn't remember, the explanation would be this: The transition of intelligence causes a tiny bit of brain trauma. Nothing to be concerned with, and in fact something that Twilight's natural alicorn magic fixes lickity split, but it does wipe out her memory. Not all of it, just for the last couple minutes of time before taking it out and before putting it back in. The memory gap will get smaller as Twi gets better at casting the spell. Eventually, it'll be perfect.

But, by that same token, Twilight might remember everything and just go along with it to see what RD does. We'll just have to wait and see.

I think I have an ending that will satisfy those of us who prefer a dark ending without offending those of us with weaker stomachs.

This story is one of the few mindbreaks I actually like, keep up the good work dude!

P.S is there any chance you can pm me the cover art in full?

I think I have an actual reason as to why this is the more disturbing one. It's because everything else I write is really over-the-top and ridiculous, to the point where it nears comedy more than something horrifying. It's like the difference between something like Mortal Kombat and Silence of the Lamb. MK is so ridiculous with its gore that its silly, not scary.

With this, the idea of Rainbow fucking with Twi's head isn't that silly. It's more grounded in reality, therefore, more disturbing.

I do see what you mean about RD immediately betraying Twi's trust. It's super hot, don't you agree?

As I've said, probably not gonna be permanent. But, no matter what, Twi and Dash are gonna be happy with the end result, so even a "bad" end will probably be pretty good by my standards.

Oh, if Rainbow's ignorance is bothering you, I can't advise you to keep reading. I don't know everything that I'm gonna include in this fic, but it's gonna get fucked up and offensive, especially if you're more politically correct.

Glad you're liking it, broski

I figured that Twilight is just playing along with the memory thing. Asking how she did on the tests, rather than giving Dash a report to fill in as she went through them, seems out of character otherwise. If she wanted to evaluate the intelligence drop, she'd want to know what answers she gave, and see her working. It'd be a written test, not quiz cards.

Knowing Twilight, I think she probably did the written test already.

Asking a non-intellectual gf to take part; making a non-rigorous test; choosing a revealing outfit rather than a proper lab coat. I think it's easier to believe that she never intended the "dry test" thing to happen. Maybe she wanted to test Dash's self control; or maybe she's just too embarassed to admit what she really wanted.

Your story, but I find it both more believable and more fun that way.

(And now I really want to see Rainbow Dash's "My dick was in you. How the hell did I get pregnant?" reaction)

I like the idea of dumbing down twilight, but I hardly ever see it done well. This has a lot of potential. I had an idea where twilight removed her brain to study it and replaced it with a spell that quickly went haywire and turned her in to a near retarded slut. Sadly I just don't have the chops to write clop. Feel free to use this idea if you want by the way.

I'm already halfway there on the "retarded" thing.

Also, I find it interesting how willing my readers are to say "retarded". I went out of my way to not use that word so soon because I thought it would offend people. Glad to know we've got thicker skin than that around here.

Meh, life's to short to dance around what you really mean. Also I vote for impregnation as well, if that counts for anything

People offended by the use of 'retard' or 'autism' or whatnot don't read this kind of fic, or don't read clop at all
You shouldn't be affraid to use those mean bad words in your fics, and sure there's going to be one sperging in the comments every once in a while but hey, can't please everyone

Oh, don't get it twisted, I'm definitely gonna use some offensive terminology. You see, this story already surpassed my expectations for popularity, so I have nothing to lose.

I thank you for your support, and I'm glad you're not some autistic fuck who gets hung up on retarded things like that.

8657053 For those who don't want to read this, don't, this isn't a spoiler, but some won't want to read it cause it's a lot and some may think I am criticizing this fic, I am not criticizing this fic, I like this story so far quite a lot actually, this is just a gripe of mine that I had to get out due to numerous things has been brought up as of late in real life around me as well as comments I have seen on other sites, so if you don't want to read the rest of what I have written then don't. Good day and hope you enjoy this good story.
I don't like the use of those terms to describe certain behaviors, but I still read these kinds of stories because I like Bimbo's. I prefer it when people use terms like Retarded and autistic correctly, and trust me, being retarded would be better than being a bimbo, and being autistic is far and above better than both. My school system taught retarded kids up to the 12th grade level, (yes they could actually get up to that level of learning surprise surprise), have met a number of girls who fall under the category of bimbo's, and I and numerous friends of mine are autistic, and trust me, people constantly misuse or incorrectly write how autistic people think and act in stories, so most people who get offended by the use of those terms altogether are those who don't understand them, I get upset when they are incorrectly used, so please, let's hopefully not see the use of the term retarded unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Until then, I would most definitely love to see Rainbow calling the dumb twilight a bimbo quite often, cause she kinda is one.

I get what you're saying, but I think you, and a lot of people who are against the term, are taking things way too seriously. When people use the terms "retarded" or "autistic", they're not mocking the differently abled. It's not a slam against them. It's just a general diss. Just like I can call someone a motherfucker, but have nothing against fathers, or I can call my friend gay without having a problem with homosexuals. Words are just words.

And, to the point about annoying you when it's used incorrectly, that's exactly why I'm going to use it. Because it's fucked up and rude, and that's really hot to me. Nothing I say in this story is to bash on people with learning disabilities or autism (some of the greatest people I've ever known happened to be high-functioning autists). This is just good, dirty fun.

I appreciate you sharing your opinion in such a respectful manner, and I wish I could find the perpetrators of your inevitable comment downvotes and bring you their well-used heads.

This is one of those stories that kind of thread a line, but in a good way yet. On one hand Rainbow tricked her on several levels to get her own air-headed cocksucker. On the other hand Twilight did imply that there would be sexy-times with the spell eventually, and I just love all forms of unaware mind control (as in, the victim not realizing they did anything out of the norm).
So all in all, I actually quite liked that first chapter, I'm just still on the fence a bit about the story as a whole. I'm not sure how I'll feel about Twilight getting any dumber than the cute bimbo in this chapter, and it seems she's going to dumb down a lot more.

I really like the idea of Rainbow getting some sort of trigger for the spell, though. Maybe convincing Twilight to try and make an artifact connected to it as another experiment. Even better if she manages to add more and more features, like a sort of dimmer function to let Rainbow dumb down her marefriend just so while they're out in public, or at choice moments.
And if I might make a suggestion, if they do make an artifact or something of the sort it would be nice to see them channel the intelligence right into it and back... because keeping it in a small glass vial is just begging for an "Ooops, I dropped your brains" moment, and that's one direction I really don't want the story to take. Seriously Twi, I'd think you'd be more protective of your smarts.

And another, unrelated idea... now that Rainbow is the smart one, maybe she'll be the one to do some "experiments". Like seeing if she can convince bimbo Twi of anything that smart Twi will unwittingly act on (think post-hypnotic suggestions, only it's post-airhead).

This chapter was great. I can't wait for Twilight intelligence to go from five percent below the national average to five percent of the national average. Perhaps some other ponies could join in on the fun when Twilight 'incapacitated', like Celestia and Luna(maybe even Cadance). Can't wait for the next chapter.

I've decided that Dash is gonna get a device to trigger the spell, and there's gonna be alot of fun.

The "oops, I dropped your brains" thing is like half the fun, and I'm sure you'll find a way to enjoy it in the end.

I like the concept of RD getting really into the idea of being "the smart one", despite not being anywhere near as smart as Twilight normally is. That's something that we'll see going to her head, and she's undoubtedly gonna get involved in some science nonsense that may or may not end in calamity.

Congrats on getting featured.

It could be fun as a prank, I was more concerned about Rainbow or dumb-Twi fumbling the vial and spilling the stuff on the carpet or something.

Though on that first thought, Rainbow pouring some of the stuff on her dick to see how it affects Twi's blowjobs could be hot and/or funny again.

Do you know the way?

This was a good start, hope you do more soon.

Yeah, I know you aren't trying to insult them, have had to deal with people insulting them though and it has never been fun seeing or hearing it. But I know you aren't trying to insult them, after all, I do like to read your stories quite a bit. And I also understand how you feel on the still using them despite it getting on people's nerves. I act in a similar manner in numerous other cases as well, though typically it's not me using terms like that, but rather using similes and metaphors to backhandedly insult their remark. Has gotten on so many nerves, while deepening the friendships I have.

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