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Buster Knutt Reborn

Welcome back to the cum zone

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Good to see this here!!


I've had folks asking for it to be put back up for a long while, so here it is.

Not bad.

Too bad your stories are scattered around though. It’s hard to get an idea of each character since it’s not as simple as looking as your profile.


I got locked out of the old account and couldn't get back in, so I had to make do with another one. Lead to things being scattered as hell, sadly.

my good friend i own you a part of my obsession with barb
sadly you never got to do anything to smolder

Do you know of a name for an addiction of creampies?


I have been kicking around the idea of a small harem fic focussing on stupid thicc dragon ass featuring Barb, Smoulder, and Ember.

“stupid thick dragon ass”
with a side dish of tsundere personality

the meal of the champions of equestria

i would love to see that, heck i would be honored to see that


The basic character gist I had in mind was:

Barb being completely used to Dusk's horndog behaviour and simply going along with it with a sigh and an eyeroll.

Ember being the tsundere of the group who's unhappy with the treatment due to her status but enjoys the experience once it gets sexual.

Smoulder being the wide-eyed and eager virgin with no experience or skill, but with the desire and the desperation to make up for it.

i can absolutely see barb being so used to his stunts, to the point of boredom

ember’s personality’s is so fit for the tsundere role, that her first words were “baka”

and i can imagine dusk shine taking total advantage of smolders willingness and absolute ignorance of normal things, to put her or convince her to follow his most bizarre kinks


I doubt that's the case. Because I kinda don't want to deal with a Tsundere.


I don't write tsunderes the same way shit-tier anime do.

My method of writing a tsundere is someone that struggles to deal with expressing affection and having it manifest in panicked outbursts while still being capable of showing that they care when more prepared for it. I don't write abusive bitches that beat on their romantic interests for caring about them or accidentally touching them and constantly act like they're in the right over doing it.

it’s better like that. honestly, there are things that some people just can’t understand like others

love and happiness are on the top ten of said things, specially for those who hold important positions or live under excessive amounts of stress or pressure on daily basis

i can imagine that being a dragon lord that is actually trying to change its country. is stressful enough lo lash out towards everyone, and even more towards a new romantic interest

dusk shine’s libido is probably his personal way to deal with said pressure (sadly for barb and her poor hips)

How come you have to add, “with permission”? Don’t you own your own writings?

The story was previously deleted and to upload it it again you need permission as the mods can normally find the story and reupload but these stories were unrecoverable.

I guess the link I found before help out a lot, huh. If yah want I can keep an eye out for any others I find on Fimfetch.

Oh no.

Ha! Dusk dun goofed

I still eagerly await the day for Dusk Shine to Impregnate the CMC and maybe Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

this a very abusive relationship

Yeah I heard about that. But I always thought you’d one day recover and repost all the lost stories and make a “read my stories in this order” list. As it is right now, readers have to bounce between your two accounts and guesstimate which stories are tied to which, if any.

"Some things never change, huh?" she asked, sniffling after the joke.

Is that a sonic heroes reference, or am I hallucinating?


You are hallucinating, I'm afraid.

Are all of Dusk Stories going to be connected? or they are just standalone?

XD That ending.

Comment posted by Sibuna19 deleted May 16th, 2021

Dusk Sparkle, fertilizer of Equestria. Incoming wave of magical protégé en mass :moustache:👍

Maybe Faust is next on his impregnation list?

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