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I've been looking everywhere for this!! Thank you for bringing it back.

Who originally wrote this? I remember reading this a long time ago and had forgotten about it.

Oh my god I don't even know what to say. I had to double check to make sure I was on the right website.

My god man.

After years of having to choke down hundreds of stories dealing with; sex, hooking up, and relationships written in a 12 year olds perspective, Its nice to see a story showing how real Adults deal with sex and one night stands.

I was so floored by such a normal, adult portrayal of two people hooking up that I had to listen to this story twice.

To the Author, Well done. Very very well done.

To other Authors, READ THIS and absorb it. Study adult portrayals of dating and sex. Healthy adult portrayals of relationships and sex really is the kryptonite of this website and its story writing. Sexually stunted and backwards characters shouldn't be the norm in our stories here. While not every story and character, its far too frequent.

This is so well done and refreshing, that it is the first and only clop fit to warrant my top ten list.

Very well done and keep writing

The Monk
“I mean, you just seem to walk in random directions most of the time. How do you ever get to where you're going?" "Oh, that's easy," said Candy, with a smile, ”I just make the place I end up, the place I wanted to be all along." There was an extended moment of silence. ”That... that's absolutely brilliant," -Trick Question


If you like the mature and emotional approach to sex in this, then please, for your own sake, stay away from everything else I've ever written :rainbowlaugh:


and one more thing. Authors need to stop pulling their good work from the site. This site has hundreds of cookie cutter stories all starting the same and following the same plot points like the Author used a form letter, filling in the blanks to write their stories. The good stories are rare and infrequent. Even a goofy story like the one I listened to last night, about Candy Main had some valuable gems in it.

If you wrote something decent, leave it. It only makes the site better.

The Monk
“Puberty was a curse for those inflicted with it, and boundless amusement for others who survived the process.” -Scarheart

Oh. I was a little confused because you put in the description "Reuploaded with permission."


Permission from moderation staff, specifically.

Reads like an episode of a XXX rated sitcom. Bravo.

very good story you only have 7 more stories to restore to have them all

Loved the new name it made me laugh. Mk2

Cum balloons are your forte

The way they ended this makes the whole story for me. I loved it.

Where in the summertime fuck has this story been? That ending fucking got me. "Summertime fuck" is gonna be stuck in my vocab for years.

Me too, that’s going be my catchphrase.

All the yes. This was always my favorite story by buster knutt so glad to see it back.

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