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Buster Knutt Reborn

Welcome back to the cum zone

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Okay, I’m liking where this is going.

As usual, the interactions between the gang are incredible.

Hoping to see more soon.

Fuck yeah, Buster Knutt is back in action! I really do love your Dusk, looking forward to seeing more :pinkiehappy:

a request like the other buster knutt the clop you can make as what I mean was one that the clop were a passion and wild lust and a huge depravity

Any chance for an update soon?

This was a awesome beginning it already has me hyped to see where this goes (no rush).

Vote time.

Using this comment as the polling station with upvotes meaning yes and downvotes meaning no, do you guys wanna see gay stuff that will include both topping and bottoming for Dusk with different stallions?

This was a fun and spicy chapter.

praising the fact she'd been porn a horse

This is no coincidence.

If I am honest, I am not a follower of yaoi because I give negative, also good that you returned.

Glad your safe and welcome back.

ok starlight and sunset are here im totaly reading this now that best ponie 2 and 3 are here :raritywink:

I can't believe I'm late to the party, by not reading this sooner! Can't wait to read all fun & sexy activities Dusk is gonna have with his harem & any other girls he sees along the way!

P.S. Fluttershy giving those kids the lecture of a lifetime was so cute & hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Hehehehe. The teasing is so good.
Looking forward for more

Have I mentioned that I love your character portrayals? Because I do. I really, really do.

friend that good that he came back and from starlight I honestly would have liked more if he married duks but well that's life, and he could ask girls like zecora, ember, gilda maybe one of the pillars since I would love for dusk to fuck them

Damn, talk about being thirsty huh?

This just keeps getting better I'm super hooked/hyped to see where this goes next (no rush).

I can't wait to see him to fuck the holy hell out of Stellar, she's one sexy milf

Gahhhh! Cliffhanger!! We better get to see the aftermath!


Yet again, you fail to disappoint.

This was awesomely chill and fun chapter. It was fun seeing Dusk and RD's wildbside.

Our first Contact of intercourse has been made and it was glorious!

Would be amusing to find out Cadance tampered to make sure the breeding took.

Writers Block or not, this was welcomed.
Really wets the chops for an eventual Cadance chapter if the insinuations are correct.


>Implying Dusk isn't gonna sprint right over to Iguana's Rest and slamfuck a baby into her in the next ten minutes

Sucks that you've been suffering with writer's block, but the Smut Level of how Dusk pounded into a Rainbow was glorious and worth the wait! Hopefully Dusk makes his way to meet up with Cadence asap for a little bit of sex Revenge without bumping into anybody else in his horny rage!

Assuming she hasn't planned for that and left another mare in her place there.

Fuck yes. What's better than having a harem full of hot mares? A harem full of pregnant hot mares!

Didn't she say 'we'll be waiting'...?

When the dick so good you nearly kill a girl with it but she still loves every second of it.

His first time having sex with an OC character, nice

I can hear The girffion barista honking like the cockatiel as she's getting pounded.

as I understand that tonight is bisexual I have nothing against that but I ask that please there is no clop of man with man there I paint a line with references or mentions I can live with that.
by the way I have a doubt in the evening maybe gaby screwed up I say it since I suppose he has already ruined any other male yona, smolder and among other equestrian females of barb and mesome I suppose you used the version of rule 63.
Which brings me to this request from the following females that the night could fuck (apart from more time outside) were:
zecora, mesomen, ember, shadow tempes, gilda, Saffron Masala, little strongheart, gaby, nightmare rarity, radiant hope (though I don't think you know her), Mrs. Harshwhinny and Autumn Blaze don't have to be in this fic. but you could reply when you get it

Ehehehe...just keep em coming! There's a whole island to get through...

Aren't griffins known for that mate for life kind of deal?

Wasn't there a chapter where Dusk meets Cadance and she explains her plans to him?


Good I'm not the only one who realizes that

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