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Buster Knutt MkII

Welcome to the cum zone

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Okay, I’m liking where this is going.

As usual, the interactions between the gang are incredible.

Hoping to see more soon.

Fuck yeah, Buster Knutt is back in action! I really do love your Dusk, looking forward to seeing more :pinkiehappy:

a request like the other buster knutt the clop you can make as what I mean was one that the clop were a passion and wild lust and a huge depravity

Any chance for an update soon?

This was a awesome beginning it already has me hyped to see where this goes (no rush).

Vote time.

Using this comment as the polling station with upvotes meaning yes and downvotes meaning no, do you guys wanna see gay stuff that will include both topping and bottoming for Dusk with different stallions?

This was a fun and spicy chapter.

praising the fact she'd been porn a horse

This is no coincidence.

If I am honest, I am not a follower of yaoi because I give negative, also good that you returned.

Glad your safe and welcome back.

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