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0_0 Looks at the fiction. "You have my attention!"

Imagine the Core of Equestria is overheating and doomsday is approaching and the only way to save Equestria is 3 things: limitless energy, an infinity symbol enchanted on someone's manhood, and Dusk Shine.

Good stuff.๐Ÿ‘

There is seriously not enough vinyl on this site, and ever since Darf's masterpiece (40oz bounce) i have needed more, and this absolutely fit the bill. Thanks for scratching an itch that has been there nearly 8 years mr Knutt!

Also bri'ish vinyl, as a Leeds lad, I find myself obligated to approve. Very good indeed. Will send this to our lass and see if she gets any ideas lol.

I liked your subtle, yet scathing critiques of techno music in between the two porn scenes.

I also really liked the two porn scenes for obvious reasons.

Vinyl assumed the role of braying fuck meat, as she too descended into dick-induced Madness,

okey, breh, you got a new follow with Bluntness like that, XDD

You had my interest but, now you have my erection.


The ultimate victory of a porn writer.


Because all the best porn writers strive to balance social commentary with their bondage anal scenes.


The accent started out as a brief joke and then grew into a consistent characterisation. I have no idea how it happened and I accept no responsibility.

whรถ's dat Lass your talking about? i doubt it's Scribbler Productions,

Ok NOW I wish his power of revitalized happens. If Octavia and Vinyl return to have the strength of their prime, Dusk will be up for some real competition, I fear Vinyl might even invite other musical mares to gain more points on her favors while Octavia does the same but with super models.

wew, this certainly is a masterpiece!

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