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holy shit has the master returned once more? So excited!!

How can an ejaculation be all-the-way-through?

No sex and cum inside the pussy huh?

kord #5 · April 18th · · ·

It's hentai logic that if you cum enough in someone's ass/mouth it would pass all the way through their system and come out the other side.

In real life this wouldn't work, but in hentai women (and sometimes men) are made out of wishful fetish logic, try not to think about it too much and just fap like a normal person.

Friendly reminder that this was a line from the actual show:

Sense? What fun is there in making sense?


No offense, but I wasn't talking to you. And Discord's quote doesn't fit into this "type" of question I asked. You could have just said that the author is temporary into anal now.


Merula #11 · April 18th · · 2 ·

Dusk Shine is a sigma: The fic

"Yeah... fuck, my mom's probably gonna end up seeing that in a few days," Dusk sighed, wiping his mane out of his face and sighing disappointedly.

I bet that griffin got a direct order from Cadance. I mean, who would have brought camera into the gym on regular basis?

Using sigma is just as cringe as calling something cringe

every time you grace us with your writing is a time to celebrate. Thanks Buster Knutt for helping me bust a nut

(Nani Kana? Nani Kana?)

Ok, first of all I must tell you; Welcome back! I was really starting to miss your work a lot, my good friend, my good partner, almost brother! Son of another guy XD.

But hey, let's leave the jokes for another time.

But what do we have here? What an unexpected return and an equally unexpected story, and apparently with our always Waifu, Shadow Tempest! and better yet, since you made her an extremely impressive Amazonica, which is greatly appreciated.

This little one-SHOT is certainly entertaining and as expected of you, you give a bit of context to the matter, you move slowly so that the sexual scene feels consistent with the story and above all with a fluidity that I envy very much.

As in your other stories, this one in particular has your very characteristic stamp, which is very good because just by reading it, you identify and quickly recognize the owner of said story.

Needless to say, I like the attitude of Dusk and Tempest, the sexual scene is finger-licking good.

And perhaps the best thing was that you left an ending (which for me) is an open ending. Which leaves it to the reader whether there will be a sequel or not.

In any case, enjoy the story very much my good friend. And I hope again to see what another new story you bring us...

I'm sorry I can't be part of those who can donate to ask you for a story, but at least I'll give you the support you need. (Morally speaking :3)

Comment posted by Arthur Weasley deleted April 21st

An exercise you do after a workout session is just called a cool down

oh this is wonderful! I love your Tempest! she feels like such a babe.
and so very glad to see you writing again! I hope you continue to write what you enjoy!

I got a definitely normal and reasonable amount of joy from seeing you return

didn't have time to read yet [after work!], but saw the author note at the start and just had to say... I know that feel... Unfortunately almost all of my ideas come at times that I don't have the option to start typing D: so I always lose them TxT

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