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You forgot the last digit in your reference number for the source of the cover image: it's actually 1509071.

Will Luna also be involved in sharing the guard of her sister? Also, nice story.

When Celestia was inside Spell's mind,do you think she also saw his most his innermost desires that one royal guard who normally dream at night to relieve some stress after a long day of guarding the kingdom?

Possibly yes, she's probably seen such scenes countless times over too

In your next chapter,you should add a little shocked and embarrassed at that words of his hidden desire accidentally slipped out in front of the princess. Naturally,Celestia adorably just laughs while shrugging it off and once again giving him loving words of encouragement that he has royal permission to have his way with her and not to hold anything back. Also during their "nightly session",Spell is starting to feel his mind slipping away and turning into a ravenous beast in the royal bed...and yet somehow,he likes it.

What is about this story that an ordinary guard who's barely noticeable that's been a position of a lifetime from the princess of Canterlot herself that makes this story so irresistible?

Liking your story so far. Probably should have led with that first. I'm curious about what role does Princess Cadance's role is in your story? I hope it isn't what I think it is. Celestia was already enough for him. I don't think poor guy can handle another voluptuous Princess. 🤣

I'll have to consider that, thank you

It's a fun premise to go off of

I appreciate the kind words

Are you sure that's a good idea? Tempting as it is,I don't think the poor guy could handle the Princess of the night after Celestia has had her fun. Just the thought would make Spell pop like a balloon. 😂🌙

Well, the client has many fun ideas as to how he would like to see Spell handle any and all challenges. Princess or otherwise. So we shall see. :trollestia:

Very interesting story! Its gonna be impregnation and pregnacy here?

Spell Break, you are one lucky guard. Especially if you manage to catch the eye of the other princesses.

this is very fun, i hope to see more!~

Luna now gets to experience the fun. And it seems Spell Break is gonna be the father of so many heirs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if cadence and gleaming shield are going to join the fun next chapter along with Twilight.

This is certainly a job occasion that I'm sure that Spell will never forget. In your opinion,do you think he's loving every single moment of this?

Oh yes, yes he is.

As long as Spell and Celestia keep their promise to stay together,I don't mind letting Celestia share Spell's "unique talent" among the other princesses.

I doubt that Princess Cadance will get a turn. Her heart already belongs to another.

I knew it I fucking knew it that cadence would want to have a baby with Spell Break. I wouldn’t be surprised if gleaming shield is on board as well.

(But I know that spell brake’s bloodline is very well secured.)

Awesome chapter. Figured they would use Spell as a substitute. And I hope theres a way that Spell can gain immortality. Or else the end of this series is gonna be bittersweet. I mean i guess he could ascend but I cant think of a way how.

Knew it that Cadance would eventually have some plan that involves some "aid" from Spell. Should get scumbags off her back.

I was kinda expecting more with Cadance. Just a brief mention of her having sex with Spell; I was hoping we would actually see it.

Is the number image for the cover correct? Cause it doesn’t give me that image.

No, that's correct.

Awesome chapter. Wonder what Cadence reaction would be if she looked and noticed even after all this theres no love for her in him? Maybe some budding paternal love for the new baby but not her. Also hope he manages to gain immortality in some form cause I dont want this story to end on a sad note. But thats just a nitpick.

I’m surprised that cadence was so mean to spell break for no damn reason. He did nothing to deserve that.

But at least at the end of the day, she sees that he’s actually a good guy.

(Better late than never.)

How fuckin Cute. I love the chapter.

Chapter end was so sweet.

Great Chrysalis smut. Wonder if she will be redeemed in this story? And honestly im loving the Wholesome moments. Glad they will have at minimum several centuries together. Wonder what becoming an Alicorn would do to him besides make him bigger?

What the hell, Cadance? For the Princess of love you are extremely hateful!

Hehe, should have done your research!

I have a hunch that cadence and gleaming are going to be friends with benefits which spell break by the end of this trip.

Nice. Cannot wait for more!!

this makes me feel uncomfortable, because it's a lose/lose for spell, he can't verify if she's lying or not, and if she is, if they get caught he gets in trouble....
sorry, but this rubs me the wrong way in all the ways

Hmm Gleaming is very sus right now. Anyway awesome chapter. Wonder what shenanigans the mcs gonna stumble into next?

Wow I‘m kinda sad that it is OVER already …

dont worry soon mores on the way.... very soon

Man dealing with these two are probably driving his stress levels up fast.

It was a pretty hot and impressive story my respects

We sure Chrysalis didn't switcheroo? 😈
Every time someone says "throat pussy" we giggle like a madman.

Princess of Love everyone!

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