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Again another short anthro Twispike >.<


At least we got something so I ain't complaining. :pinkiesmile:

Besides I wanna see some payback in the behind when he gets over there again. That sneaky sun raising bitch. :trollestia:

That is unless he hasn't done it already
After hearing what twilight said, I'm wondering who else got caught in his rampage

please we need more

Don’t tempt me lol it was kinda fun to do a sex story that talked about it but never directly showed it :moustache::twilightsmile:

9586014 a kind of curious if it's Spike did it to anybody else on the way.

I’ll leave the readers to guess on that one. :moustache::trollestia:

Dearest Spike, I do apologize for what my sister has done to you. Though I am certain she got what she deserved, though I doubt you remember. It was by luck I found her before anypony else; she is currently resting, though she wants your dick again. So please accept my apologies. Princess Luna


Also the story have made the feature of the front page

I was suprised by that ending

What?! :pinkiegasp: Seriously, I never saw that?! I mean I saw it in Most Popular, but not the Features section.

You didn't see it well that was sad

I'll take your word for it. This is very exciting! :twilightsmile:

I hope you write a sequel to this or a chapter with the details

At this rate, there will be 2 more stories for this lol

You could probably make a comedy sex series about this.

Well that's the intention. A 1K challenge never has a second chapter, it only has sequels. Some sequels are longer than the original, but those are more if the story was really good or through special request. But a typical 1K challenge sequel will most definitely be another 1K.

Well, that was short, but fun! Good job!:moustache::trollestia::twilightsheepish:

Dam, the short restrictions of the 1k challenge.

Oh can we get a sequel to this about what happened.

Good story!
Now Spike has two mares wanting his D!
Not sure whether or not he is happy about that, though.

Maybe once Rarity hears about this and wants to try him out herself...

He wreck them hard

I would love a sequel!! This was good.

Don’t tempt me :moustache:

a story of rape plain and simple :fluttershysad:

I feel SO bad for Spike. He got two alicorns and don't remember crap. And to the fact that he took them... oh the amount of guilt he's feeling.


Most excellent.

So Spike got both Twilight and Celestia? Even though he was drugged, he's one lucky S.O.B.

Yahh Spike you may not remember your a boss .to bad you don't remember, well at least you now have two sexy alicorns in your herd

“Not just there, in every room of the Castle, I lost count of how many times I came.” Twilight cooed, leaning up to kiss at Spike’s cheek. “So...how about a morning snuggle and fuck?”

Too hard, Twi! The dude's already been through a lot! LOL!

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