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Great make more chapters

So, Dusk was a stallion but is now a human? In a world of unpredictable (and mostly horny) Monster Girls? This looks interesting. Updates will be sporadic? I can deal with that. I can't wait to see what the other monsters the girls are now. Plus, his 'friendship (with benefits) letters to Celestia can be quite...entertaining to say the least.

I have a feeling of what the rest of the girls will be. Although I am a little surprised that Pinkie was a slime. Kinda thought she would be a lamia. but I can't wait for the rest of this story to unfold :pinkiehappy:

By "Monster Girl", you mean the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, right?

That is where the inspiration came from, yes. :twilightsheepish:

A bit more spelling errors than I'd like, but certainly cute. I wonder how Dusk feels about centaurs.
In any case, I can't wait to see Applejack!

this story is interesting good chapter

Nice chapter, but you need to double check your typing before releasing your stories.

I am doing all of this only on my phone, so spelling errors are expected :twilightsheepish:

There were a lot fewer errors than I'd expected, though I don't see why you can't transfer this to a proper computer to fix the errors. That said, this was a cute little story that sets up just enough of the plot to keep the audience interested.

A few more errors this time, but still within tolerable limits. Nice continuation and looking forward to what the other monster girls will be.

Well, considering that Pink Slimes are described to be "in a state of permanent heat", this does not suprise me at least. Onwards!

TBH, would not have even given this a second glance (Despite LOVING Monster Girl Quest and Daily Life with Monster Girls [Monster Musume or whatever]), if not for the like to dislike ratio. Lets see how it goes!


I understand the feeling, since there's no one else except me who is actually attempting something like this, I have nothing to base on nor anyone to compare to. But thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. :twilightsmile:

Heh seems Dusk gotten blessed with extra endurance and strenght.
so he could marry the ladies in the end.

Besides them, as well, was Scootaloo the land harpy.

Huh, would've expected her to be a Cockatrice. But cool beans for not doing the obvious joke.

Interesting. Of course now is the question if these changes really are part of the clothes, or if Dusk is somehow changing through unknown means. :pinkiesmile:

It looks like the more sex Dusk has in this world, the more stamina and endurance he develops.

Some things I noticed:

But even rhe

Really curious what happened there.

abd it seemed

his fre hand

Last time he ficked Applejack


but avoce all,

Dusk grnted

Also curious who's up next, if only after another round with Aj.

I may have missed it but where is this world's version of twilight/dusk?

I'll go into that near the end.

Will the Dazzlings be appearing in this story?

Love this fic can't wait for more and what happens next :ajsmug::pinkiehappy::raritywink:

good story and I have a feeling near the end or mid way most of dusk friend's will be heavy with his child........

Well, seems like his forehead spots might be the undeveloped horns of an incubus...

Didn't know that this story was still ongoing but happy to have it back. Happy New Year and hopefully we can read more on Dusk's misadventures.

That was a awesome /epic read I can't wait for RD to get her turn .And can't wait to tomorrow and the New year Have a good no great New year

Talk about long breaks in between chapters :trixieshiftright:

Can we have a lamia chapter please?

I dont know who’d be a lamia

Hmm....How about Starlight? If you're gonna include Starlight here!

I was originally thinking just the mane six, if i ever make a sequel i guess i can have Trixie, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Starlight, and maybe even Moondancer or something.

Twilight, this world should have a lamia Twilight. Dusk Shine isnt technically the main 6 so you could have some selfcest maybe?

Okay! For the sequel, I guess we can have Starlight as a lamia!

what bout Celestia and Luna? what kind of Monsters are they?
for Chrysalis still the same though, but her sucking love out is abit more different!!!

“Look...she’s...she’s in season and well I didn’t want some filthy guy to touch her.” Rainbow explained, her explanation then reminded him that in this world, Rainbow was not only a lesbian, but that she and Fluttershy were a couple.

Oh cool, it's my favorite MLP ship.

"Just hurry up!" Rainbow shouted, peering into the entrance. "Just whip it out and help her!"

I don't know why, but this really cracks me up for some reason. Usually kamidere Dash is the standard, but tsundere Dash always makes for a nice change of pace.

“It’s okay.” Fluttershy moaned, looking up to Dusk in lustful eyes. “Please cum, I want to drink your think cock milk.”


Even without being in season, Rainbow’s pussy began to burn with a passion that almost made her consider finding a male...almost. She loved Fluttershy and rejected males too much to give in.

Although... there is something I've noticed about how Dash is written when she's a full-on lesbian. It's like... if she were, I don't think she'd be the type to outright reject males in a hostile sense, if that makes any sense. I'd think she'd be more unconcerned with the male sex if such was really the case. You know what I mean?

She loved Fluttershy and rejected males too much to give in. All she could hope for, was to wait until Dusk finished so she can get with Fluttershy after.

I think you'd be too late. Once you go Dusk, you'll melt in that musk.

but as he nearly pulled cock out, Dusk felt Fluttershy’s legs pull him back in; bottoming out his cock in her wet and soft hole.

*pulled his cock

Fluttershy let out a soft, high pitch moan that Dusk could feel echo in his head, causing him to shiver and get goosebumps along his sweat covered body.


“I hate to say it...but good job...” Rainbow said, her voice coming from the outside. “Now, be a good male, put your close back on, and get out!”


“Why would I want to...” Rainbow tried to say, but her voice suddenly got cut off for some reason. Dusk couldn’t see it, but the harpy’s face blushed as her nose picked up on the mixed smell of Dusk and Fluttershy’s orgasms. Shaking it as best as she could, Rainbow sighed and then nodded. “Fine, I’ll take you home.” Jumping in the air, Rainbow’s talons grabbed at Dusk’s shoulders and the harpy took off. “Now hang on!”

Anyone remember that episode of MANswers, where it was "revealed" that a "surefire way" to get into a lesbian's skirt was to use a pregnant woman's urine as cologne? This bit reminds me of it.

Anyways, see you next time.


Interesting idea which makes me wonder, how did things work out with Nightmare Moon and the other threats there? :rainbowhuh:

Was rather sudden it ended so soon.

The original goal was just to have the mane six(minus twilight) as it was first written during my half hour break periods at work.

Disappointingly short, to be honest.

Welp, good things don't last too long.

I have two suggestions of possible monster girls, if you would like to hear them.

Waking up the following morning, Dusk felt a strange feeling in his groin.


Instantly, Dusk released his hand and pulled his blanket free, revealing the girl sucking him off wasn’t Pinkie, it was Rainbow Dash.

Huh, MANswers was right. I suppose this means everything they've ever said was true all along, no matter how far-fetched or how often they've been debunked.

It was impossible to tell if Rainbow was completely serious or not, but Dusk couldn’t deny how good she was on his dick.

Such is the appeal of fillyfoolersharpyhoaxers.

But it was how she sucked and boobed her head with such efficiency; it was like she had been this for years.

**been at this

Or was she just a nature cock sucker like Pinkie.

If it's Rainbow Dash, she can make you cum in te-

Rainbow’s eyes rolled back as she swallowed gulp after gulp of Dusk’s cum, seemingly squealing in delight and pleasure a she came from the taste alone.


A mix of hatred, embarrassment, lust, need, and desire burned from the bird’s eyes as she hated yet loved Dusk in this moment.

*hated, yet
Sounds a lot like tsundere Dash to me.

She want him to fuck her.


Dusk only nodded in response, wanting to help but not wanting to upset Rainbow further.

*help, but

Being a lesbian, Rainbow was not used to having a real dick inside her. It was massive in size compared to the soft and passionate tongue she would get from Fluttershy when they indulged each other’s pleasures.

Huh, was she so strict about this sort of thing that she didn't even use dildos or strap-ons?

“S-shut up you...you...oh for fuck sake. Just...just get it over with...”


Wiggling her hips from side to side, Rainbow tried to ease her way in but only managed to get Dusk’s cockhead in at the most.

*in, but

The harpy moaned louder and louder as she continued her bouncing, wiggling and and shaking.


She hated all men, and always would. But Dusk’s cock was an exception to this rule now.

So Dusk's cock is a man now?... That kinda makes sense, actually.

It couldn’t have been the clothing, nor could it simply be he was becoming more accustomed to the girls.

*be that he

But for now, all Dusk could think was how his life had just added another horny girl in his already sex filled day; completely unaware that the mark on his forehead was giving off a faint glow.

So now this is Funbag Fantasy. Neat.

Thank you all for your love and support in this piece. If I can, i would love to make a sequel and possibly even have some suggestions on various characters and what monsters they’d be.

Hmm, well, I could give it a shot.
Nightmare Moon would be a Nightmare.
Chrysalis would be a Doppelganger.
Sombra would be... maybe a Wight?
Tirek would be a Bicorn.
Starlight would be... maybe a Will-o-the-Wisp?
Stygian would be a Dark Matter.

Trixie would be a Witch.
Zecora would be a Dark Mage.
Luna would be a Dark Elf.
Cadence would be a Cupid.
Moondancer would be a Hakutaku.
Maude would be a Cyclops.
Gilda would be a Griffon.

That's all I can think of for now. See you.

Well my first suggestion is Sunset Shimmer as either a demon or an angel. Personally I can't decide which one is better.

I am aware that demons are more popular as monster girls -succubi especially; but according to the Monster Girl Enciclopedia, 'Angel' is also an species of monster girl.

And since Sunset already turned into both, I don't see why not she couldn't be either in this AU.

My second suggestion would be Moondancer as a werewolf. Given her name I always thought Moondancer should have some connection to the moon or the night. So why not a lycanthrope, probably the most classic monster to have a bond with the moon?

Maybe have Starlight as a lamia? With the power of hypnosis?

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