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"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Not bad at all. :)

Can’t wait for more.

Hot, can't wait to read more

My boys... I wasn't expecting this...

What'd you expect?

8893224 I'm getting the feeling this will be featured somehow.

Incest is so wrong, but I couldn't stop reading this at all :rainbowlaugh:

Son Complex.

Poor Spike.

I would keep going. Perhaps two more chapters? One where Spike has to handle Luna and the other handling both alicorns?

Could we add a third Alicorn in the mix?

I don't see why not. :D

"Best sex I've had in awhile..." Spike said as he took a drink of bottled water.

Wait a minute, awhile? He has sex before? With who, Twilight? I know he hinted it after finishing doing the nasty with mama Celestia, but still with who?! :derpyderp2:

It was with Celestia.

Oh... So I kinda read it wrong.... Damn...

I kinda hopefully he slept with someone else, but nah dreamers can only dream.

I didn't say it was impossible. He just prefers Celestia.

Who wouldn't prefer Celestia? :raritywink:

There's a dragon and he's packing.:moustache:

Please keep going!!! I want to see how far Spike will pressure her into having sex at anyplace.

Knock her up! Knock her! Knock her up!

Let Luna and Cadance join in and i will be forever loyal to this story. (Careless Whisper playing in the background)

Dreams do come true!!!!!

...................... dang it!!! 10/10!

If Celestia is lactating would it mean that there might be a chance of Spike spreading his seed around?


Has Spike ever drink both breasts at the same time?

If he was thirsty enough.:trollestia:

I smell a foursome on the way.... Or that's probably the pancakes. :rainbowlaugh:

Everybody loves pancakes.:twilightsmile:

What's next on the sun?

Sex & breakfast, a perfect combination. :raritywink:

"It seems that my sister is vulnerable after all~." Luna said.

Cadence grabs the zipper from her chest and pulls it down revealing Pinkie Pie in disguise.
"Oh, Princess Luna! Everyone is vulnerable if taken by surprise!" Pinkie said.
Luna jumps to the side ask "Where did you come from!?"
"Oh, Spikey nice choice of toppings!" Pinkie said.

Threesome ahoy~
Love this story.

Anymore chapters?

Sorry. I had writer's block. Expect more tomorrow.

Pretty sure Luna, Cadence and Sassy are eavesdropping right now.

Oh boy, I think Celestia is ready for round 2 in the dress shop.

It ain't cheating if it's only between family members.


If it ain't funny it ain't worth Spike.

If Shining finds out that Spike & Cadance are about to the nasty, he would never them & try to kill Spike!

Maybe Cadence will allow him to have sex with her aunts as payback.

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