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Let's just see where this smut takes us.

It lives once more!! Spread your lemony wings, and embrace us.

Huh, I kinda expected that you'd reupload the DX version rather than the original:applejackunsure: Not complaining, just surprised.

I have a problem with this. I don't mind R63 and the Monster Girls. BUT, what is it with Dusk Shine being a "femboy", always get dominated ( Femdom), and sometimes humiliated or get hurt. ( I seen it in other Stories). WHY can't I see a version of Dusk Shine who is 100% R63 Manly for ONCE! A Badass, and NOT a Coward/P****! And 95% the Dominant one ( Maledom).

I seen Spike be the Dominant one in other Stories ( THANK GOD!) But I never seen Dusk Shine be the Dominant one. Sure I seen Dusk has a "Demon Form", or a "corrupt form". BUT that doesn't count, since the Real Dusk is still a P****!

I don't mind Femdom, BUT it is being used TOO MUCH! And makes me believe that it's really RGRE ( Reverse Gender Role Equestria), and acting a bit Sexist against Males. 😑 😒


"Before that, can I get your name?" Dusk asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh... I guess I don' mind," she said with a shrug. "It's Applejack. Now why'd ya'll wanna know?"

"Just so when I win and breed you like the hot little bitch that you are, I know what to put on your collar," Dusk said, swinging the whip threateningly and smiling as the metal rang out menacingly.

"N-Now, hol' on a second!" Applejack exclaimed, eyes widening and cheeks flushing red. "Ya'll wanna do what now?"

"Make you one of my brood bitches," Dusk shrugged. "Put a nice lil' collar on you, sit you on my lap and pet you for a few hours a day, and then fuck you so hard that you cum your soul out and then fuck it right back into you."

"P-Pet?" she asked, breathing rather huskily now.

"What's wrong? The big pup never been pet before?" Dusk asked, smiling playfully at the seven foot tall Timber-werewolf.

"Who's a good little breeding bitch?" Dusk asked in a mocking fashion.

"Me!" she exclaimed, her body twitching and trembling as Dusk fucked her into an orgasm, her freshly-bred pussy clamping down on his massive purple dick.

"Fucking right you are," Dusk sighed, pulling out of her cunt and wiping his dick on the inside of her thigh, stumbling back to his feet and fixing his pants.

"So, you a nasty little cum-slut like the rest of your kind?" he asked, grinning evilly as he began to toy with his cock, coaxing it into an enormous, twitching hard-on that enraptured the slime girl instantly.

"I'm not... I don't..." she stammered. "I've never been called nasty..."

"Then are you a good little cum-slut like the rest of your kind?" Dusk asked, putting more of an affectionate tone in his voice, much like when one praises a dog.

"Yes..." she nodded, a faint smile on her face as the brief motion caused her entire form to jiggle enticingly.

"Care to prove it?"

"Yeah!" she beamed, gliding through the water and over to Dusk.

Sorry, but at what point is this a story where Dusk is being 'dominated' and 'acting like a complete pussy'? The whole point of his character is that he's a hyped-up, machismo sex machine with a personality that borderlines on misogynistic. Most of his sexual interactions here have been domming and ploughing everything with a vagina within seconds of meeting them.

Are you sure you read the right story?

Honestly, I agree with you man. Glad to see this story back from the dead. Looking forward to more chapters and impregnation


If it wasn't clear enough from the description, this is going to be a completely nonsensical porn story made solely for the purpose of fetishistic sex scenes and shit tier humour. I'm not sorry.

You were warned :rainbowlaugh:


Oh, my bad. I think I got mixing it with you, and SonicBlitz18?! I just saw some stories in the past, where Dusk Shine, Spike, a Human Protagonist in Equestria, or any male character in a Sex/Porn theme stories. That they ALWAYS get the short end of the stick in a relationship. And the Females are being TOO Dominant, that it makes me a bit pissed Off. So, sorry I got a misunderstanding there. 🤷

Again, I don't mind Femdom. But it is becoming TOO much in some stories I read. I mean Lust For Mares, and XY Chromosome is a example. ESPECIALLY the Raping!!! :flutterrage: :twilightangry2: 😠


At first, I thought the "workplace synergy meetings" in the summary was a joke??!!


I have a personal philosophy when it comes to writing male protagonists and it's that I do not ever want to write some wilting, socially-autistic, stammering, unconfident loser with no charm or likeability somehow managing to plough his way through a town's worth of women.

I write my male characters like Stan Lee originally wrote Peter Parker: this absolute chad amongst men that walked around dripping charisma, charm, and likeability all the while chatting the panties off of every woman he locked eyes with, whilst always being cool, confident, and calm in any kind of flirtatious or sexual situation.

I hate reading stories with simpering soyboys as protagonists and much prefer to read stories where both the male and the female lead are witty and charismatic, as it makes the relationship, dialogue, and sex crackle so much more when they're going head to head with quips and confidence, rather than the woman smothering a wet blanket of a sexual partner into her tit.

"Never trust anything, keep your guard up..." she said before looking him dead in the face with a serious expression. "And watch out for stairs."

Ah, truly a formidable foe.

So he seeks to bring to bear against the Queens arsenal a weapon of ass destruction.

Also he requires a manly beard

It may not be what I was thinking about, but it still funny, especially with what he said that fits this story.

I like how self-aware this fic is.

If you want 100% manly, read SonicBlitz18's The Dusk Side of Nightmare or Holocron's Anything for my King, let the rest of us enjoy our hilarious Castlevania spoof.


I think you got it wrong on the first one. ( I read that story from Sonicblitz18, and it WASN'T "100% Mainly", at first.) But, I agree with the second story. And for your information, I'm NOT trying to bother you all in the first place. So sorry if I somehow did.

Probably something about NASCAR and how the confederate flag totally isn't racist despite it literally being a war flag created by an army that fought and died in the defence of slavery. What a sick and twisted being!

:ajbemused: Really? Did you have to put this here?


JK tho. Don't take the story or anything written in it seriously for medical reasons.

Mmm, AppleWolf and FlutterSlime... do I hear RariDusa, Rainbow Harpy, and Pinkie Stein? Maybe with some others (background ponies, Luna, etc.)

My inner monster girl fetishist thanks you profusely for your service. :pinkiecrazy:

So glad to see this back up. Will we see it continued, or is this just another upload for ‘completionists’ sake?

I might be interested in reading this. Tell me, how heavy is it on the Castlevania-isms?


The whole thing's basically a Castlevania parody that mentions some kind of trope or cliche with the series at least three times a chapter.


"Couple'a days after I got my flu vaccine," she shrugged.



I'm imagining this Gleaming Shield wears only a strap-on with a wooden dildo up inside her. So instead of a wooden stake through the heart, she overpowers vampires by shoving a wooden cock up its ass.

That was cute. Fluutershy as a slime monster that is. I'm having fun reading this story I laugh everytime Dusk compares the Castlevania games while on a Castlevania-esq adventure himself, keep it up. Maybe you can come up with a burn of Castlevania 64 next (the "Lagacy of Darkness" one assuming you've played it). I look forward to your next "boss encounter". Great story so far

But it's not wrong. That "Confederate Flag" design was literally created as a battle flag because it was confusing the armies how similar the flags of the two separate sides looked. And there's no denying that, whatever reason you assign to it seemingly depending on your political bend, the Confederate was fighting to defend their liberty to own slaves. They fought and died in defense of slavery.

Comment posted by Akula966 deleted Sep 29th, 2020

Slavery is a moral evil. Something the Confederate Rebels fought to defend and what that flag represents. Seeing a certain race of people as property, that is true evil.

Yeah I agree. I just wanted to keep the comment as objective and factual as possible. That is what the Confederate did and believed under that flag, that they were fighting for the "liberty" to own slaves. I was basically quoting the wikipedia page in fact. But I guess just stating facts without inserting an obvious opinion basically everyone agrees with isn't clear enough on the internet.

So to make it clear now, slavery is bad. I do not support slavery. Can't believe I had to actually say that. Dunno how your original comment is doing better than mine when it sounds like you object to the writer pointing out that the Confederate and their flag is bad. You sounded a hell of a lot more pro slavery than I apparently did by stating that the Writer was correct.

Dusk looked over the beast before him, noticing the tell-tale signs of infection of the worst of all diseases: awootism.

I hope teh next chapter comes soon!!

As someone who lives in one of those confederate states, it represents the fight to keep slaves, no if ands or buts. That’s what the south wanted, for political power, workers, and money. You remove slaves, they lose a lot, so of course they didn’t want to lose them.

I'm already waiting for it to reach Celestia. The rest are not so interesting to me.

Yes please do continue this story!

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