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NIce! Better bigger than smaller, right?

There are no swelling stomachs. Apologies if that's something you were hoping for.

Too bad we didn't knew if the effects also affected their breast, it would be nice to know that they don't only got bigger, because they were both mother it re-activated their lactation. I say return the favour, they milk him, he can milk them too. Besides the poor man deserve something to drink don't you think?

Missed opportunity, but nothing serious.

lol how does this happen, a story named after me omg. my real name is chance, now i'v got to read this!

lol that was a good one.

........so this is interesting with my name there (not me btw ) but very odd to see on my feed out of luck

This was a epic story hope there's a sequel.

me whose name is chance and birthday is on the 6th: 0_0

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