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Obligatory 'praise the sun' comment.

Mommydom celestia is something severely lacking on this site

Fucking YES PLEASE!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Fucking YESSSSS this hits all the right notes!

I like the idea of sublestia more. I just think it makes more sense that she normally is responsible for the lives of millions so unloading would be not having to be responsible for anything. To just act on your base instincts and trust that all consequences will be handled by someone else. Also to feel that kind of fear that's clear and makes you submit.
Celestia has plenty of worry which is a kind of fear but that fear gives confusion and stress rather than clarity and energy.

I can enjoy and understand if Celestia would do it for the sake of somepony else and she would take great joy in their fun and relaxation. But being dominant is what she is all the time. We even know Celestia is like that because she often tries to push carefreeness as far as it can go.

I hope theres more where he actually fucks her pussy and another where he fucks luna.

Pretty nice, although "bombed" where I think you meant "bobbed" was a little weird... although maybe it speaks to the intensity of deep-throating him, or her enthusiasm...

You’re an idiot.

Comment posted by Shady Nail deleted Jun 20th, 2022

This was a beyond beautifully sweet ending.

For those who want to see the full version of the cover pic, check out 1954512 on Derpi.

Another case of story necromancy discovered.
Keep them coming…

I hope there's a sequel with Luna.

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