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Buster Knutt Reborn

Welcome back to the cum zone

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Welcome back!
Will there be continuations of old works, or have you left them in the past and are only going forward?

glad to have you back


Not too sure at the moment, honestly. I shall have to wait and see where the winds may take me.

Well, either way, it's good to see another work of art by you.

I pray things get better financially for you

Honestly gotta say. Your Dusk is best Dusk...

You're not dead! Also who all is in his harem?

Aha! We all knew you couldn’t stay away for long ya old perv. Welcome back to the cum zone indeed, don’t mind the stains.


Finally someone gets it.

If this is one of the commissioned fics, then by my estimation it will have cost roughly 290 Pounds. Fucking worth it though.

such a good return!! loved this so much

I just now thought of calculating who is in Dask's harem.
Gleaming Shield, Barb, Cadance. ("Dusk Shine impregnates..." doubtful, but let it be)
Main 6, Sunset Shimmer ("Great Days" Starlight is not included here, because she only allows Dusk to make Sunburst a kukold)
Royal sisters ("Take a load off" But here I also strongly doubt)
of course, this assumption is valid if there is a connection between different works, which is doubtful.

Very nice! Did a great job of giving Sonata a good personality and a great, interesting body. Only thing missing was maybe at least a bit of blowjob or at least handjob action? Anyway, incredible job on that lapdance scene — one of the best I’ve ever read!

Oh, and it’s really making me want to find out about the rest of Dusk’s harem. I might even be inspired to write a version of MLP episode 1 where he first meets — and fucks — each of them.

As she waltzed away, Dusk couldn't help notice the spring in her step. The way she carried herself with what seemed like genuine excitement and joy at the prospect of doing her job.


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