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Buster Knutt Reborn

Welcome back to the cum zone

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Ahh... nothing like waking up in the morning to some premium written smut from Buster Knutt.
Like coffee, but sweeter.

This was insanely hot, combining two of my FAVORITE kinks: MILFy Moms sucking cock, and Twislut! You knocked this one out of the park!

Those two kinks are definitely some of the best.


High praise! I'm glad you enjoyed it that much!

SO weird to me, but I'm a one mare, one stallion guy. I think he should marry Twilight Sparkle, since she's really devoted to him. Cadence is lame. And Velvet is with Night Light, not cool to cuck your own dad, unless you trade him Cadence for Velvet.

Each to his own, and I'm sure the author appreciates all critique, but you missed a detail in this story: Night Light had passed away.

Given this family, probably because Shiny traded Cadance for Velvet. :pinkiegasp:

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