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So when does Velvet try to get so knocked up that her barrel is her bed?

Night shook his head. “They zonked out soon as they hit the mattress. Those dreamcatchers are godsends.”

Whenever i hear of those, it brings o mind the first time i had ever heard of them.

In the night sky, there are good dreams, and there are bad.
The good dreams pass through the net into the sleeping one.
The bad dreams are hopelessly caught, and perish at the first light of dawn.

The first thing about they noticed was the blueprint didn’t have the washed-out look that came from repeated use of the Copy-It spell. The crisp, fresh lines looked like they’d been drawn yesterday, the only evidence otherwise being the date in the corner. There were no photos attached, but the specs were listed as four floors, fifteen bedrooms, and twelve bathrooms. There were also three dining rooms, four dumbwaiters, three kitchens, two studies, an apothecary, a giant recreation room, and a myriad of other rooms that could be used for just about anything you could think of.

I've heard of living large, but WOW! :pinkiegasp:

“YES!” Velvet leapt from her chair and caught Celestia in a bone-crushing hug. “Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!”

Celestia nearly had the wind knocked out of her. “Deja… vu...”

Velvet’s gait was slow and steady as she turned the stroller so Fae and the twins could see. “I’ve always gone by that. Not really sure why—it’s just one of those things.”

To be fair, most of the women on my mother's side of the family go by their second names.

And now I'm expecting Velvet to get impregnated with more and more foals as she and Night Light gradually become gods of fertility.

I wonder if they'll make it to 100? :ajsmug:

Got a link to Patch's art page?

Can't link it due to site guidelines. But just search "artist:patch" on Derpi.



Just take out the period there by the h

9166009 I like the story but the pace seems a little too fast when compared to the last story

This makes "Fecundity" look tame by comparison.

Yeah but Fecundity has a more Indepth PLOT line :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

So why did you change the picture I rather liked the first picture that you had for this delightful story


The mods told me it was too racy. Had to crop it to comply with site guidelines.

Well that sucks I thought it looked really cool


It does indeed suck. I was very frustrated that I had to change it.

Granted that Twilight and Shining are old enough to live on their own, how are Night and Velvet able to afford taking care of the three younger foals? Wouldn't the younger foals be Skyla and Flurry's younger aunts and uncle?

Oh damn, this is sooooo good!
I wonder just how much bigger will they get!
Amazing story so far, Klam! Can't wait for more!

Velvet is having an effect on the mares around her. Cadance is already on foal #3 and Starlight is starting to have an urge to breed. Just makes me wonder by how much the population will explode as more mares become mommies and/having multiple offspring.

They have more children than some population centers smaller than a city. Though I'm still amused at the effect they have on the ponies around them. Makes me wonder how many other foals they're indirectly responsible for, just by making mares horny enough to get rutted until they got pregnant. At least Equestria won't suffer from a decline in population! :rainbowlaugh:

At the rate they're going, they'll need to build an entire city to house all the foals.

Velvet arched her neck. “Fifty-eight kids, Nighty… We have fifty-eight wonderful kids…”

Dear god! 58 kids?! Holy Hell! At this rate, they’ll be the (grand)-parents of a full quarter of Equestria! They already have enough kids to make an Army!

Sparkle household vs Fall of Equestria Universe invasion? Who would win?

At 60 members they are already company strength. And the number seems to be climbing

Can’t wait for the next one

Just when you thought it could get more over the top!

Also, on a small proofreading note, when you mentioned Halley you first have Velvet refer to the character as her, then Night mentions Halley's being a "him".

Now I don't mind swapping the gender my suggestion of an OC, as it is your story after all. What I do mind is incontinences.

Please forgive me for my rudeness.

It was second nature to Velvet at this point. She focused on the magic made a part of her, and willed her consciousness to expand. A smaller, more plain-looking double of herself appeared, then another, and another, and another, and another. She was now seeing the world through seven different sets of eyes, all giving feedback to her at the same time.


That'll all right.

By the way, are you still in need of OC ideas? I mean now that Velvet and Night are going to break the one-thousand mark by the next chapter...

She moaned long and loud as Night kept making her a mother. Soon she was pregnant with sixty foals… then seventy… then eighty! She grew bigger and bigger and bigger, eventually taking up the whole room as her paunch swelled with one hundred foals and beyond.



What's funny is that I came up with the idea, kept going with the chapter, then about halfway through I stopped and realized that's exactly what it was. Made me laugh :rainbowlaugh:

so the sparkle family is now a family of fertility gods and heroes and has about 1000 or more members who are each individually loved and are never forgotten by the two parents who are also capable off using duplicates to make sure that no child feels left out. if any other writer did this i would've called them crazy, but you somehow make it work you fertility based literature god/goddess.


I'm glad you're enjoying it despite the over the top nature and lack of conflict. Going into this, I wanted to hammer home the premise of this being the most optimal future from Night and Velvet's perspective. That's why I have the little blurbs at the start of each chapter, and why the story description itself emphasizes this is just one possible future of many.

does this mean then that there are going to be sequels to the previous story showing alternate futures or are you just going to add more chapters to this?

and that's what they end up with, nice prediction


Nah. I'll just be adding more chapters to this. This was the future I wanted to explore, and I'm sure you can figure out why :trollestia:

I'm guessing you wanted to explore it because despite how erotic it is it still manages to be heart warming in a way.


Just yesterday I asked her if she’s heard of the Unseelie Court, and she told me she’s met them!

Oh God, Mab.

an interesting story, though i wonder whether it's possible one of their children will come to openly dislike what's happened to their parents

It is now a fact! To attempt any type of harm to Velvet or Nightlight will result in extreme pain. 633 kids all who love their parents and all who we can assume are powerful, are guided by good morals, and each are proficient in at least one unique branch of magic.

I pity the poor sod (Tirek, Chrysalis, Sombra,etc) who thinks it’s a good idea to try and break the moral of the Equestria Defence Family (aka the Sparkle household) by trying to harm the parents.
Just think of the result of such planning!

Oh man, what a romp. Such a perfect fantasy, ending on such a gloriou-

*Notices Incomplete tag*

I lost a big comment here. I'm sad about that.

I LOVE this story. Too little monogamous clop on this site. :raritydespair:

The biggest thing I remembered was the idea of one of them using their avatars, along with their main body to make love to the main body of the other. Multiple of them for that "two souls make an orgy" feel would be another option.

If her avatars can get pregnant and then either stick around long enough to give birth, or transfer them to her main body that could be an interesting way of further multiplying their fertility. Have to be careful not to go overboard or the avatars couldn't keep up with the child-care in the same way they have been. That is part of what makes this "The Best Possible Outcome". I'd try to steer you away from something I would have to consider changing my voting on this story for, but given the themes of this story I don't think that would be an issue so I'll leave it implied. Anyone who figures it out should be mature enough not to turn this comment section into a flame-war.

The perfume/cologne seemed to be tapping appropriate memories and the smell was the result of their minds filling in the blanks. Sorta like how Spice tastes in Dune.

Because I read the comments half-way through reading the chapter I thought they were going to ascend to become the alicorns of fertility.

One thing I would request is trying to think of non-body-modifying magics that would be sexy. Telekinesis that feels like nice things (rose petals, etc). Direct manipulation of thoughts or nerve signals. Stuff that underlines to your readers that this isn't just wish-fulfillment, it is fantasy. The rules are different.

Minor editing issues I remember or didn't get lost when most of my comment did:

It wasn’t until one of Velvet’s avatars informed one of his that he learned. His eyes shot open, saw it was true… and let out a roar of triumph so loud it shook the windows. She answered him with a joyous cry, and he clutched her sides as a fresh peak hit him. His nuts seemed bottomless as he put foal after foal into her: more amazing sons, more incredible daughters!

First 'his' needs to be 'this'.

You have two commas right next to each other somewhere.

Comment posted by FriendsForever deleted Sep 21st, 2021

Nice, really.
Even if I find this a "little too much". Well, maybe not little, but a lot.
Still, it was fun to read.

And, well, truth to be told... I kinda wish they would stop after first twins, and you tell how they were rising them. And how society would take them "not aging properly". Even if it was Princessess idea.

And, hm, I kinda can't stop thinking now about Velvet as a something like Ant-queen? Not exactly in nice way, honestly...

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