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Hey, you're not dead! And you're writing with Klamnei? This is gonna be good! :pinkiehappy:

I strike again.

You probably could have had this one and the previous as a single chapter.
Im looking forward to the rest.

Meh, by looking at the pic of this story, I thought it will be a threesome of Rumble, Scoots and Sweets. :ajbemused:

But it's just Rumbaloo. :facehoof:

Heroes never die.

I don't know why but I hope it ends like comics with Rainbow dash with similar spell

great story so far. cant wait for more chapters

this is great thank you for this

I like it!

I wonder if folks need to demonstrate a medical need and get a note from a doctor, or if S-class mages often have people pestering them for growth spells. :)

Uhh... I just hope that each time fill Scoot's with more foals making her grow bigger.

It's nice and sweet, but I can't help thinking that this fic could do with more expansion. As it stands it's more like looking at a collection of snap-shots than a fully formed story.

Not saying you'd have to go full "Fecundity", but a bit more would've been nice.

6 outta 10, sweet, but lacking substance.

Interesting to realize someone you knew of as a markedly accomplished preg/largepone artist is also fairly proficient at slice-of-life. Wind king's pertinent observation notwithstanding, neat use of Klanmei's "mare grows to accommodate her overloaded womb" concept.

Its such a fantastic and unf concept. Klanmei is an inspired writer.

Seconded in full there. I'll confess to not being a dedicated macrophile, but it sure isn't a dealbreaker-nor do I mind swole/smol action (well, technically this would be 'swole/slightly less swole') on this scale one bit. Any thoughts regarding how Scoot's personal flight team turn out by the time she's ready to brew another set?

A side effect of the spell Starlight cast is that her 4 boys are born larger than normal sized, and the doctor guarantees that not only will they be bigger than average at every stage of life, but that they'll be as big as their dad for sure.

Neat-now I get to visualize an exponentially-spreading (and swollening) Scootalegacy. Faust help us all if any of these Scootacolts take up with the Apple mob clan.

I thought it was pretty good. A few slight grammatical errors here and there, but hey, its a FimFiction story. Keep it up.

She fiddled with her longer mane, blowing a lock out of her face. “Ugh, I need to cut my mane again…”

Rumble put a hoof around her, kissing the top of her head. “I kinda like you with a longer mane.”

Gotta love that long mane.

From the description of the spell that's being used on Scootaloo, it only works when the subject is pregnant. Though I imagine there are other growth spells that work that way.

Sex then d’aww POIFECTION

This is absurd, in an enjoyable way.

“Oh! There you are! Okay, so there weren’t any specifics from the sheet about whether to put in a filly’s toy or a colt’s, so I put both!” The stallion pointed to the side of the bag, some hard plastic bulging through the paper. “Don’t tell your mama I did, though. I could get in trouble!”

Suspiciously generous. :trixieshiftright:

“Let’s see…” Scootaloo double checked her list, which was over a foot and a half long even after it’d been folded in half. “We still need anchovies, grapefruit, pineapple, hay bacon, oats, raisins, mayonnaise, kumquats, cherries, apples, milk, orange juice, decaf tea, pickles, peanut butter, jelly, grapes, bread, eggs, sugar, spices, tomatoes, celery, beets, radishes, avocados, sugarcubes, cereal, potatoes, cheese, mustard, ketchup… Yeah, we’re gonna need a fourth cart.”

Rumble snickered. “We’ve been able to fit it all in three til’ now. Guess that’s a new record.”

Scootaloo rolled her eyes. “Well, between you, Mister Bottomless Pit, and me being a growing mare…”

That brings to mind....

"Beware of the Tasmanian devil. A Vicious ravenous Brute with powerful jaws like a steel trap. Eats aardvarks, ants, bears, boars, cats, bats, dogs, hogs, elephants, antelopes, giraffes, gazelles- heh. A likely story.- stoats, goats, ostriches....
Octopusses, people, warthogs, yaks, newts, walrus, gnus, wildebeests... What?! No rabbits!?"
"ESPECIALLY rabbits!"

I only wish that I could get like ratios like that.

Naturally you get all 10 points for this story.

You have a broken picture...

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