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They'd come to the city for their sexual rampage, since Applejack didn't want to endanger the trees around their farm if they started to grow any bigger.

Lol ok

7931255 Yeah, that's the thing about sexy giants. The Dazzlings make more sense in a story like this, because they're villains. When good guys knock over buildings just for fun, you just kind of have to handwave the consequences.

wow this is good about 8.5/10

I only have three words. . . WHAT THE FUCK!

What are the kinks, I just want to know before I read this?

7931312 I found it humorous how unexpectedly selfish it was of AJ to suggest that xD 'wha- here? no way, we'll destroy other people's stuff!'

7932733 I added a section on that in the description.

Why's there a seeming coalition of downvoters for any fetish fic? Anyway great stuff as usual

7935348 Well at least this one's got 57 likes, and way more than dislikes. Most of mine have more dislikes than likes

At one point human AJ is called "farmpony". Otherwise, awesome story

Today was a very good day, and Dash got a seat in the middle row, right next to cute little Oval, with his adorable little glasses and that cute soul patch...

I have glasses and a soul patch too. :moustache:

I wonder what Oval Office's destiny is.

Link to the cover art? :rainbowkiss:

Rainbow Dash looked down at herself, and her weary face lit up when she saw huge, firm tits still protruding from her chest. "Oh hell yeah!" she said, lifting them with both hands. "I get to keep these?"

Well...I'm satisfied.

I had a dream based on your fic last night. The growth was activated by sniffing a flower bouquet, and it was myself, Dash, and another guy who I REALLY didn't want to be part of it. I leaned over to him, and I whispered "if you sniff that, I'll break your nose." He got the message. It felt really badass. Sadly I woke up before the good part..

Sbould this still be set as incomplete considering it now has a sequel?

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