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Well done Cos. You might want to run this through a spell check though.

Canterlot's Guard

before either settliing settling

tenous at best

Just some spelling errors I found.

Very nice, I like this pair a lot!

All the fun of vampires and none of the ugly bastard children or sparkle. Thumbs up!

This only the second time I've seen these two in a story.

That was an interesting way to take things as far as Night Guard origins in concerned. I've seen everything from magically altered pegasi to them being a type of kirin (dragon/horse hybrid from Eastern mythology). Here, they are carnivorous nocturnal ponies.

I laughed at the end, thinking how Skippy is gonna explain the mother of all hickies to his superiors the following day. In fact here's my version of what happened the next day as Skipper is asked to explain his "injury." :pinkiecrazy:

"Um...sir my vacuum cleaner became enchanted by an evil wizard and it...uh...grew these sharp fangs, yeah that's it and by the time I got it off of me, it left its mark."

"Son, I'm gonna give you an "A" for creativity and an "F" for believable bullshit, you live in the barracks and that is cleaned every night by Stumpy the two legged griffin janitor."

Stumpy hobbled by at that exact moment.

"How are ya Stumpy?"

"Ah, wish ah was dead." The weathered griffin said coldly as he does every morning.

"Have a nice day Stumpy." High Noon turned to Skipper and pointed a hoof to the janitor as he left the area. "I love that guy. Now back to you...."

"The real reason, I got these scars is because I've been having relations with Midnight Blossom, sir." The white stallion said as he braced himself for impact.

However, the old pony behind the desk just laughed till he had tears in his eyes. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Oh, that's too rich, I needed a good joke. I'm not even into those damn dirty shaded, but she is way out of your league boy. Honestly your first story was more believable. Hell, telling me that I'm a closeted racist would be more believable than your second excuse. You know what? I'm not even gonna ask anymore, for making this old codger laugh, why don't you take the rest of the day off?"

That's my epilogue


A few misplaced commas and spelling errors, but they hardly detract at all from an awesome story. I'd love to see more of Midnight and your view of the batponies. That was an outstanding bit of boinking. Biting usually makes it better.

*sees title chapter name and cover pic* :trollestia:

Poco #7 · Jan 14th, 2013 · · ·

there really needs to be more Night Guard X Day Guard fics

That was damn good!

All along the watchtoweeeer

For a second I thought he would die.:twilightoops:

Yes. I like this Midnight Blossom. Ever since I saw that banner.
Need more stories with her.

Great Story! I enjoyed every moment of it!

Promising story, but you really need to work on your grammar and spelling. Showing you don't care about either shows that you don't care about the story.

I'd like to read more storys of the two :applecry:


Son, I think you need to copy and paste this into a program like Word or GoogleDocs. Then a promising story could become a very good story.

Awww man I was gonna use that exact image for a female Night Guard named Nocturne :fluttercry:

Wow, VERY nice!

Would definitely like to see a continuation.

Alcohol + blood loss?

Eh, he'll be fine.

I'm sure he could survive his partner feeding on him. :derpytongue2: I'm gonna assume that soldiers are prepared for injuries that cause massive blood lost.

Bandages...$11 bits

Get Well Card...$6 bits

Sneaking off to a remote area, screwing like monkeys and getting drunk off your partner's blood...Priceless

Cool story bro.

"Edited by darf."

Dis gun be good

My brain, it... eh... wu...
I like it...:trollestia:

This is way better then Twilight

When I first saw a Nightguard sex fic, I was excited.

Then I read this, and I can now die happy. This was absolutely amazing. Not sure I'm much of a fan of bat ponies being vampires, I'm more inclined to see them as carnivorous instead, but I still love your portrayal of them.

this was a mare any stallion would dream of having

I agree full heatedly. I love Midnight, and would absolutely love to see more of her in the future!

Thumbs Up. Slow Clap. High Five. Brohoof. Fav. Any or all of these your direction for this.

Dat cover art......... :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

dude, you sould make more fics with them. i would like to see this as a true story instad of just a clopfic.
to other readers:vote up this comment if you agree

1961165 .....Gets me goin

Sweet and sexy, I loved it! Please make more with them? Romantic yet erotic clop is rare for some reason.

I hope you continue this. Maybe if the guy develops a thirst for blood after repeated exposure to the taste... That would be interesting.

I was thinking the same thing.

I'm assuming from this point onward, Skipper will be like "Note to self: make sure she has something to eat before we do it." XD

Will read ASAP but have just one thing to say just comming from the Pic and discription... HELL..... YES.

Unless he has some fetish for it now.:ajsmug:


Well by then Skippy might just end up associating the act of Midnight sucking his neck dry with heady arousal. Especially when it gives her more strength and energy, despite the act draining his own vitality.

So by that logic, could Midnight fuck Skippy to death?

Is that a yes for continuation? :D


If he ended up with even more alcohol in his system, making himself even tastier, then how could Midnight possibly stop herself from just gorging herself on his blood?
So probably, if she ever got that frenzied, hungry and unhinged...

So that means never have drunk sex with a hungry vampire. It will kill you.:twilightsmile:

I totally agree with the fetish, Skippy will have a quick fall into BDSM. Hope he just didn't get her pregnant though, but conversely, Cadance's child would now have a playmate the same age.

The amount of grammar and spelling issues made my eye twitch a little, but the content was spot on for it's intended purpose.

*has not read, but cannot resist obvious trollings* OH NOEZ!!! A VAMPONY! She's gonna suck his blood out! :fluttershbad:

Now I shall read and see what really happens.

(NOTE: It better not be vamponies, or else I shall be absolutely livid.) :trollestia:

Polly #44 · Jan 15th, 2013 · · 69 ·

this story is shit, reported

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No. Please. no. There are enough messed up porn stories. Be dark, just don;t have him die. pls.

fuck off poletron



Hardly constructive feedback and behaviour that is very unfitting for a moderator.

(Or is this some kind of inside joke?)

I really dug on that.
I actually have no knowledge of the lead characters besides occasionally seeing fanart and I picked up on em pretty quick. The guy trying very hard to seem adult and respectable drawn to a gal who in her heart of hearts, just is trying to get as much fun as she can.
The character stuff was interesting and the sex was intense, but by god, there's a STORY here, you could totes take it further if you so desire.

While there were consistent grammatical errors that I couldn't help but cringe at (don't even get me started on contractions... :twilightangry2:), I'm able to overlook them in light of good characterization and frickin' awesome batponies (or, more specifically, batpony). You've earned yourself a fave.

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