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:pinkiehappy: More!!! The implied sex scenes from the story must be filled!!!

:rainbowdetermined2: My body is ready: time for some love clop :heart:

I like it.

Better than my first foray into the fabulous fornification fundamentals and with story line to boot!

Very well done, excellent even. You got yourself a like :twilightsmile:

Woah, nice work.

It feels kind of weird reading this, we know what going on with the whole love spell and stuff. So when he almost says that I love you and she just shoots it down to tease him......it's just kinda weird.

Great stuff though, hope to see more soon.

Megusta. That was awesome. :raritystarry::heart:

No offense but i Dislike oral sex, I think its plain gross, the idea of sucking ones, **** does not settle well in my mind, thats why I TRY to avoid these stories:facehoof:

there we go :D

found a little thingy: "laying a kiss against each of his each of his heavy"

2556982 Welp, you are in a vast, vast minority, but entitled to your opinion. I suggest you refrain from reading the next chapter, too, as it starts with oral sex, continues to oral sex, and then ends with screwing.

Also, prepare to be downvoted pretty heavily, if I'm any judge. :derpytongue2:

2557018i'll still read AAOtH3 it's freaking dorable

Is this before or after he's released from the spell?

2557018 Why would we downvote because that's his opinion? He's entitled to it.

Oh goodness. The wait for ths is totally worth it.

The showing off doesn't do much for me personally but to each their own, for me it's the overall "romantic clop" we have going here that really rustles my jimmies. It's utterly delightful and I am eagerly awaiting more lost chapters. I swear Kuno could make macaroni and cheese at 3 in the morning and I'd love it; she's just too damned cute to dislike and if all the changelings were like here, Equestria would be doomed!

Her comment about doorknobs is partly true, round knobs screw with all the ponies because it's impossible to grasp with hooves. *Rimshot*

...and will Warden ever let Kuno change into other ponies just to rustle his jimmies in the bedroom? (Tho doing it with either of the princesses would be beyond taboo)

At first I was like :pinkiegasp:
but then I was like :moustache:

Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno Kuno!!!!!!!

I think this fits (or maybe not)

Is it bad if I spent more time laughing then being.... arouse? :rainbowlaugh:

Do you practise being adorable?”


sooner you get a blow a wad of spunk down my throat

To blow

Warden watched her with interest, his wings stiff against the edge of the tug

I assume you meant tub

I can only assume you were too embarrassed to get a editor and pre reader, Silly horse

"Practise" is correct as a verb. One of those American/British English distinctions.

Excellent I must say! Good clop! Reminds me of the first and only time I ever wrote clop, back when I was the co-author for a HiE fic with romance to Fluttershy. I wasn't bad... But I wasn't great either. But this stuff... Hoo boy is it great!~

under normal circumstances, i would read the story then hate on it. but this is an exception.

O my fucking god I both hate you but at the same time love you, dammit Kuno you drive me to drink!!!!!

I love it.

Comment posted by brony laughsatme deleted May 11th, 2013

Go on.

If I had to ask for one thing, it'd be some indicator of where in the story the scenes take place. I assume this chapter comes after the night at the carnival?

'It's fizzing in mai mouf!'

Those are always the most annoying.

laying a kiss against each of his each of his heavy testicles,

You've got a repeat.

Glad I'm not the only one.

2558658 what? it just means she went over all four of them twice.

“You’re a lot stronger than most pegasus.

*pegasusususus or pegasi would be correct.


I'm sorry if this is harsh, but you only dislike oral sex because you have never got tongue nor pussy...

And I am very very sorry, but choke on a dick and die... HATER!!!!

I'm not taking sides here but you should really consider suicide.

So what if he gets grossed out from oral sex? He has a legitimate reason if you think about it. Putting a dick/ vajayjay in your own or another's mouth means contact with an excretory organ covered in trace amounts of piss.

Similar reason, besides the pain, for why people dislike anal and rimming.

You remind me of those infuriatingly stupid tumblr/ facebook girls who end their comments with "kill yourself, no offense XD".

I should shouldn't I, I was just bein an ass, best thing to do is never take what I sat seriously.

I could delete it if its too bad from your point of view.


Doesn't matter, it's up to you. I'm not going to force you to do anything.

There I am very sorry if I have offended anyone and will send a PM to Metroid Prime apologizing for my harsh words and inexcusable use of language.

So I hope you and anybody who read the post before this one knows that I am sorry and I shouldn't try to be funny with that kind of harmful humor.

PM me to express your opinions about my very rude language.2556982

I think I'm going to skip back and forth between the original story and this story to get the 'full picture'. :pinkiehappy:

For some god-forsaken reason, while I was reading this I heard:
1-800-588-2300 EMPIRE! Today!
I'm weird. Don't ask.


> vajayjay

I have absolutely no idea why but that cracked me up :rainbowlaugh:

Using a silly word to replace an inappropriate one tends to humor people to a certain degree. Better than saying VAGINA in my honest opinion.

2562162 Yes, that sounds far less hilarious :rainbowwild:

Name might be sexy, but the owner of said name isn't always.

Finally Ive been wait for this :trixieshiftright:

aww yes. Been waitin for this one

You've got decent porn here, and you have a decent story in the regular chapters, but I think the two clash in style somewhat. The regular story is about as down-to-earth as a story about magic and shapeshifters can be, and and the sex in this lost chapter leans towards the spectacular--a cock so giant it barely fits in Kuno's mouth, a massive gush of cum, and so on. Since the regular story emphasizes the building of the emotional connection between the two characters, I think you might have better luck writing the sex primarily in terms of the emotions involved rather than the physical acts, making their physical union the pinnacle of their emotional connection.

A thought: Kuno's perspective might work better than Warden's for this. I tried basically that approach in a story about a succubus, and I think it turned out well. Then again, depending on how staunchly het you are, you might not want to write about how it feels to have sex with a guy. (Then again again, I'm asexual, and I can still write sex.)

That was... thoroughly enjoyable :rainbowwild:

Small note though:
> You’re a lot stronger than most pegasus
> the swollen tip of the pegasi’s cock
Both of these are wrong. First should be plural, second singular.

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