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This is fiction. But it is based...

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About time this got posted! :flutterrage: 10/10, would clop again. :rainbowdetermined2:

Great! story Bravo!

Guh! Right in the feels bro.

Good show, the was both sexy and adorable as all get out.

Dispatch, the suspect is armed, i repeat, armed

“Well, I can use yer head as a crystal ball…”

Shots Fired! Shots Fired

“Maybe you shouldn’t; otherwise you won’t get your sobriety token,"

Suspect 2 is spittin fire, Dispatch, shots are going wild here.

"Aye, well, the problem is that I don’t take suggestions from somepony whose head looks like a balding bollock,”

Officer down. -flop-

6873208 Now I'm imagining an April Fool's joke where everyone is named Bubble Butt
Also, one quick search of Bubble Butt on Derpibooru...

obligated song to go with story:

That was a lovely read, most definitely. Though, let me voice my thoughts...

I grew an attraction to Stella, believe it or not... :ajsmug:
Honestly, if I had her as a "friend", shit-

I'd be weak :rainbowlaugh:

Also found it on monosodium glutamate.net Link
As usual there is also secondary NSFW version...
The author is called Mokanyann and he is Japanese... :)

6874877 6874587
Goddamn, it's like when mom comes to look for the shit you can't seem to find! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks guys! Gonna link this bitch now.

6874734 Stella has grown to be many people's waifu over the last year or so. You're gonna have to fight over her, believe me :rainbowlaugh:

I don't even know, but i want a fucking sequel asap. Probs not gonna happen, but.

He loved her eyes…

...he just loved her butt more.

10 outta 10

This story was cute.... You don't get a lot of cute porn out there... I may not like the fetish, but I will read pretty much anything as long as it isn't anthro (I have read Anthro, and depending on the fetishes involved, and my mood, I may read it. It isn't my favorite, but I don't hate it or condemn reading it or people who like it... but if they are more human anthro than Pony anthro it isn't as good...) human, or darker/gross fetishes (rape, scat, watersports) Human ponies (no offence) or kinda boring and combining it with porn is kinda lame. Why humanize the porn on a pony fandom?

The fact that you had Derpy in this story is a plus, as I love it when authors treat her with respect and not the handicapped or otherwise stupid card.

The best part was Stella. I haven't read the other story with her, but she was single handedly the best aspect of the story. Coming from Metroid, I didn't have much in the way of standards... I'm glad I read it.

6874338 Hey thanks!!! Absolutely love Princess and the Human!... GET CHAPTERS OUT FASTER! :flutterrage:

6875675 Well thanks, glad you liked it thus far! I remember you from Equis 1 (not sure if 2), but definitely 1.

I enjoy all forms of the fandom from regular pony all the way to human and anthro, and I write all three mediums. I like writing humanized because it's a nice bit of a challenge to translate everything that works from pony-verse to human-verse. Also, it makes certain topics to write about easier. I love all of them, really, hence, I write all of them.


I adored and was from Equis 1... No offense to you, but I only read in progress stories or sequels if I really really really REALLY need to know what happens before hand. Thankfully it wasn't on a cliffhanger I had to know. I will read 2 when it is complete though and I will even throw in a comment for free too :rainbowlaugh:

6875759 Yeah I understand completely. Some people just don't want to wait on new chapters and I totally get that. Wanna just plow through it at your own leisure! :rainbowlaugh:


Plus it is a bitch trying to remember what happened between when you last read it and the latest chapter. I am following a EG story where Twilight is on her way to the human world but a glitch in the matrix has her turn into a pony instead of human and Sunset and the girls (Fluttershy's scene is priceless) squee over how cute she is... but this story is haphazardly updated and I had a tough time trying to remember what I had read. Sometimes you are too lazy to re-read previous chapters and it takes awhile. I usually skim the previous chapter trying to remember what I last read.

Sometimes a summery is way to good to ignore and you just have to read it to find out how this works. I only do it to like 2% of the stories I read, and the rest of my time spent waiting for updates/completion stuff is done playing video games on my PC.

Fun Fact: I have horrid experience with Metroid. I never had a SNES. To date, I only completed one Metroid game fully 100% and that is the infamous Other M (which isn't that bad, but then again, I tend to like everything. Hell Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens Colonial Marines are on my favorite games list. (Colonial Marines is tolerated cause I be nice... I can see it's flaws, but I play it anyway... cause it be Aliens yo)

As for Prime? Never played it... I had a gamecube, but never had access to Prime. I have it on emulator though.

Well, here we go again.
*Looking GEO*

6875767 and then you run into som really amazing stories only to find that they where cancled...

6874890 Well shit, she must be enjoying the spotlight to which I'm ashamed to add to :rainbowlaugh:

... :fluttershyouch:

6877185 She's got a couple other fics if you're interested. Strengthen that attraction :rainbowlaugh:

Before reading:

Cheesey rip off of mice and men title - check

Sexual innuendos - check

Eye candy picture as a hook - check

We're in for a show boys

“Ugh… come on Jonathan!” she pleaded, swinging her tail to the side and brushing it over his chest. “Get that package out and stuff it in me, please!”

Should have made more mail puns, lol.
IE: "Stuff my mailbox."

Is it weird that the title reminds me of the song bubble butt?

6877477 It's funny because I never considered that first thing... then you mentioned it, and I'm giggling.

I'm gonna pretend that was my initial reasoning for naming the chapter that :rainbowlaugh:

Pretty good. The clop sections felt a touch rushed, as clop has a tendency to be. I did enjoy the friendly banter between Jonathan and Stella, though. :yay:

6877626 It was, wasn't it? I didn't want things to drag on too long, and this was threatening to be over 15k words... too much for a oneshot in my opinion and I had no desire to split it into two chapters. Eh, what can ya do?

Btw, can I say your username fits your comment perfectly? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

It tends to fit most of my comments perfectly. Stating opinions as fact is my thing. :trollestia:

Ah, the classic human on pony action story.

Oh, how I love them. Pony on pony is boring to me.

I'm glad to see Derpy got some love. I particularly liked the butt fondling the human did to her. Though, I do kinda wish there was a blowjob scene, for the thought of Derpy's eyes moving around while doing it is hilarious.

6877665 It's funny you mention that... because I PROMISED myself that I would do something like that. Wouldn't you know it, I completely forgot about it when I finished it this passed weekend. There was already enough material so it slipped my mind. Always next time I suppose.

Glad you enjoyed the read! :pinkiehappy:

Can't get enough of this fic
DERPY APPROVED :derpytongue2:
Also Stella the batpony deserves her own fic ...just saying

6877711 She has her own fic(s) :raritywink:

6877717 yes, I know that ... What I should have said is a one shot human X pony (non-anthro) clopfic

6877736 I've lent it consideration

6877740 hopefully with a human character that has just as much, if not more , spunk than she has .... Commentary battles between the two could reach epic levels of badass wordplay. One upping each other and such...

As always, another wonderful read.
So, Stella has shown her softer side. How adorable. But still perfectly recognizable as her. So that's what you meant when you wanted to "redeem" her to those who read about her first in her own dedicated fic :rainbowlaugh:

Still, as I said, wonderful read. And that very ending was just so full of awwwww :twilightsmile:

Welp, Google and e621 found the original art. Good work with the letters and a little extra shading.

Just by the title alone, I already thought of these stuff:

Wouldn't ponies be taller than four feet on hind legs if Celestia is six feet on all fours?

As an certified "Ass Man" myself, I can indeed confirm that is one, fine Bubble Butt. (see what I did there?)

dammit you... put a derpy butt in my face so i clicked...

Ditz #47 · Jan 28th, 2016 · · 1 ·

6873208 Now I feel like I'm contractually obligated to read this. :rainbowlaugh:

6880725 Well shit... welcome to your story :rainbowlaugh:

“Working overtime, Stella?”

I know this character.

exposing her set of four fangs that he found cute as hell.

I adore fangs for some reason.

...he just loved her butt more.

Aaaayyyyyy, an ass man.

"Is that for me…?” she asked


The extra grip on her ass encouraged her to rhythmically, yet tantalizingly slowly.

This sentence is missing words that would have it make any sense.

the combined chorus of moans, groans, pants, and schlicks overtaking all sound within the room…

Then Dinky and her father walk in!

Well... Derpy got a dicking.

6881621 Looks like I'm missing an action verb.

Aka, I accidentally that sentence!

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