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WoW, i read the green text of this, and i can certanly say, it is an awsome reading, i recommend it :D.

Fuck yes! I loved the Greentext, and now I get to re-read it with one of my favorite authors helping out!

same here i love this story!!

Great to see this one coming over as well, thanks for adopting these stories Bobbles and of course thanks^2 to Small Queen Anthem for writing it

'Just who’s trying to get who drunk here!?!?'

Pretty sure it's the barkeep

Yes, these horse words please me greatly. I desire more!

Oh the hilarity that will come...

Oh, it's finally been posted to Fim, can't wait to see how this goes

'Maaaaan, I hope she’s got Halo.'

Oh you poor naïve fool

Oh this promises to be extremely hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Question, would reading the greentext detract from reading the story here?

I mean, if she has halo it's still a positive result.

With Anon’s luck all she will have is COD.

A marely mare who wants to be the little spoon and do house chores?!?
Well, I never!

I haven't read the green text, but with how well Bobbles is handling "Guardsmares," I'll wait for his prose version right here.


It's getting an official Fimfiction version!

For those of you who don't know, this is a fantastic story, and I'm glad that it's getting an official version.

Good going Prof. H. White, AKA, SQA-non

The Monk

Comment posted by Leventego deleted Aug 14th, 2021

Can't wait for more

It’s been ages since I started reading this. When Pastebin shat the bed and it was hard to stay caught up on EDLwGM it didn’t take too long before it appeared on FiM Fiction. Makes me wonder if the PonePaste security incident and the fact that it’s still not on its damn feet was the impetus for TL&SoI’s arrival here. :trixieshiftright:

’ey, Bobbles, is the real reason you’re doing this ’cause authors can’t keep their pastes updated?

Pretty exited to read this again seeing as I stopped reading when he infiltrated the Canterlot castle.

trapped in Bruma!

Googleing Bruma
Oooookay, think I am misunderstanding something or there is a RGR would inside a football player's stomach

Presumably he means the city in TES4 and later ESO. Either that or he’s referring to the suburb in Johannesburg.

Bruma is a city in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It's a town in the north of Cyrodil near the Skyrim/Cyrodil border, it's a snowy mountain city with a primarily Nord population.

I had to ask about this one, myself; its a reference to this old youtube poop: https://youtu.be/XjVsiUeoB0k

I'm delighted to see so many folks along for the ride again! :raritystarry:



A big heart to all these fine people!

Thanks for writing it, man. I still remember when someone said their post ending in odds or evens would decide Anon and the mare's relative size and you honored it.

Comment posted by Arlan753 deleted Aug 14th, 2021

Finally on Fimfiction, I feared we've lost it with ponepaste purge. One of the best stories I've read so far, kudos to you for adapting it


You're more than welcome! and damn right I did. Having her be small works for a lot of funny gags so I'm glad it turned out like that.
New green update hopefully next week.
Ponepaste is back up enough that you can at least still read the entirety of it. I just can't add to it until they put that function back in. And thanks!

Ex-human turned unicorn

'Maaaaan, I hope she’s got Halo.'

Ah yes, yet another classic example of wholesome, friendly male nature, being taken advantage of by rapacious female desire. Tragic.

Good to see you at it again, Bobbles!

Oh fuck! This is my favorite now!

Over 200 likes in a day? I think this deserves a bonus chapter!

having read the ponepasta greentext I am looking forward to both it and this updating.

What's a janefilly?

A setting-transliterated inversion of tomboy; Tom to Jane, and boy to filly.

As will probably be tradition with bobbles's stories at this point, I went and read the existing greentext. It's fan fucking tastic, and I'm very excited to see what happens next with it.

Hot sauce time is always a fun time.

Until it isn't.

I am loving this story


Never been much for spicy food. Regardless of pain tolerance I’ve never seen the point in incurring pain while eating.

You see the mistake most people make is the same one you've made without meaning to; heat is not a flavor.

Too many people conflate "spice" with "heat" when they are simply not the same thing.

Even so, shouldn't this have a human tag?

Never said a word concerning flavor or heat. Only brought up the pain that is caused by capsaicin.

I don't know.... the "men are bad cooks." Trope is so old and mouldy it should be tossed out with the rest of the trash. I can cook, my dad can cook, my grandfather can cook, my uncle is a chef at a 5 star restaurant. So cooking runs in my family. It's a basic skill. Like knowing how to change a tire. Thing you just need to know.

I mean, this is sorta part of the story, right? Anon is supposed to not have any house skills, while Pike secretly desires to learn them? Not to mention that there are men who can't cook. Like myself. I could probably burn water if I tried to actually cook. This is just one person, not "men" in their entirety, and instead is more of a stereotype man to better fit the story.

If I could use four blue tags, I suppose it should, but failing that, Comedy, Romance, and Slice of Life are the most representative trio from the tag pool.

Neat story, can't wait for more :D


Just a note- I'm pretty sure like 'Alt. Universe', 'Human' is a grey tag. So it doesn't really count.

However, generally stories that don't have like- an explicit, 2 legged, normal human- don't always warrant the tag.

So I'd say you're still good on that front.

Huh, so it is. I should jot that one down for Knighty's consideration. :rainbowlaugh:

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