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I like guns, Resident evil, Story of the blanks, Them's Fightin' Herds and Ruby is the best damn mare in all of Equestria. I mostly write HiE fanfiction, so come and take a peak!

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I not getting good vybes here

My heart has already broken for Anon. As someone whoes spouse cheated on them, I know exactly the feeling that is about to happen... and that dread, before the storm.

Go nuts and beat the shit of that stallion that she cheated with

You will see there is more than meets the eye. Anonymous isn't the only victim here and you will see in the next chapter. It will be out in a day or two.

And Anonymous is oblivious to it all. He is too busy doing what a real man or stallion does, supporting his wife and family.

Thank you! More to follow!

Anonymous has big muscles. He is not a weak man. Though, is beating up the stallion really the best course of action?

Looking forward and hope you doing better now

114308 mebe not necessarily but on principle I would still beat his ass regardless of consequence

Stay tuned for another chapter for Family Facade!

Might wanna fix the title first. The only definition of fascade in urban dictionary is uh... doesn't look like it belongs on this story. Or maybe it does, that would be one hell of a unique twist.

I am very curious at how deep this goes. Was it just a recent, one-time thing, or has it been going on for awhile. If it's the latter, then it raises the question, are the kids Anon's?

Also sorry about your divorce.

Anon should go r/NuclearRevenge and absolutely ruin that stallions life. Utterly and totally, using his money and position. No physical beat down required.

Thank you.

I figured, why not? And why not bat ponies too?

Anonymous has tools as his disposal, including his buff arms. But who knows what will happen? I mean...I do, but you'll find out!

I can’t handle betrayal like what’s I know is coming. Sorry about you wasting your time on your ex and glad you’re moving on.

Don't walk away from the story. I assure you, all will be revolved.

I have a decent idea of what's gonna happen, but I'm interested to see how Anon will handle things.

That's the mystery. How will he handle it? How will it be resolved? What about the foals?

Wait and see. Update later friday at US eastern time

It's not uncommon for atleast one kid in a marriage figure out something that at least one adult doesn't want them to know. And if I was a betting stallion, which I'm not, I'd say this is a certain ponicemare mentioned in the previous chapter.

Honestly, I'm excited to see what will happen. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad, what do you think of the foals?

Glad you like it! And yes, we will for sure.

If Anonymous’ wife is cheating, I hope that he goes scorched earth on her and her lover.

I can handle betrayal. What I can’t handle is others protecting the betrayers.

Good to hear.

Wait and see. Things will be interesting for sure.

I want to read it. The first chapter is well written and I can tell you put a lot of thought into this story, but the cheated on aspect brings to many bad memories to the surface. I'm sorry.

And I shall deliver. Part 3 will be out in a week or less.

I figured since it was a rarely talked about topic, I should be the one to delve into it. It's partially inspired my my own life events, but minus the kids part. My goal is to evoke emotion and hopefully, show an example of how soneone should handle it or show how people can struggle at a life altering event.

Stories in Manehatten aren't explored enough and I hope to delve into batpony culture to expand. I like the OCs I made, and I'm having fun exploring OC based stories.

But I hope to bring out the drama. This is new territory for me.

That's a good idea, and is indeed a concept and environment that I have not seen to much of on here (you'll maybe see a chapter or two if that taking place in Manehattan and it's never enough to truly describe life there). Considering you're writing from experience, not only will you do good with the story, but you are a stronger person than me. Write your story, and get your message out there. I believe in you and support you even if I can't read the story.

I do promise it will end in justice.

I can guess some things, but lets see where it truly goes.

You know where it's going but the question is, how and what happens in the end ultimately.

Man I'm eating good with these new fanfics popping out of nowhere

More will keep popping out. Stay tuned!

Hell yeah I will, very obvious it's going that way but can't wait to see how it's executed! Nuclear revenge or something else entirely different! Who knows!! :rainbowwild:

nice work and nice to see copper top getting some attention

Eeyup, and she's jealous of Sweet Shade! And she feels something is off, and plans on getting to the bottom of it. Uh-oh!

Now THIS is a Christmas miracle. Been waiting for the next chapter!

Glad it was a present to you! I will update the next chapter when I can.

That's a vector from the show. But yeah, that's the mare that told Pinkie Pie "The store's clearly closed". I figured she'd be a good mare to have as an ex for Anonymous that has strong morals.

”I swear I’ve seen that mare before, but I can’t remember where for the life of me. I don’t know why but she gives me bad vibes.”

My guess is she saw her out on a date with Eclipse.

Close...well...not too far off honestly. But Copper Top knows to trust her gut that something isn't right.

I'm writing the next chapter now. Relax. The update will happen.

Expect a Friday night release, Eastern US time. The chapter is done.

nice work, i fear this attempt of copper might backfire. but nice touch on the star wars reference

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